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ALBUM: MsWhite – Squares

Release Date: September 28th, 2010
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


Italian post-hardcore quintet MsWhite‘s first full-length ‘Squares’ is an assured, immense first step for a band who are sure to achieve great things in the underground scene. Unlike other hardcore bands, who are now resorting to using electronic synth and ‘progressive’ melodies in an effort to stand out, MsWhite ditch all that and simply play their music to the point, and it comes across that they enjoy it too. Though some people will fault the band for obviously taking great influence from Underoath, MsWhite have served up an album that the post-hardcore scene has been missing: it is raw, passionate and angry, but at the same time the melodies and singing emerge to show a softer side to the band. It is a welcome change to the down-tuned guitars and chugging riffs that sound all too familiar in the post-hardcore genre in this day and age.

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