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ALBUM: Lightspeed Champion – Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You

Release Date: February 15th, 2010
Label: Domino Records


Everyone’s favourite former genital turned alt folk superhero Dev Hynes a.k.a Lightspeed Champion follows up his stellar debut album ‘Falling Off The Lavender Bridge’ with his epic sounding follow-up ‘Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You’. The album was preceded by funky single ‘Marlene’, and this song perfectly sums up the album; a few tweaks to a successful formula provide a satisfying result.

And while the result is ultimately satisfying there are still a few unwarranted tweaks, or if not unwarranted, changes that don’t work consistently. Take for instance the added sense of melodrama created by additional instruments and presumably production methods. Opener ‘Dead Head Blues’ is greatly aided by a big epic feel that really kicks the album off strongly and the baroque stage show feel of ‘The Big Guns Of Highsmith’ makes it very different from some of Hynes‘ alt folk contemporaries. But on a song like ‘Romart’ it just comes off sounding musically overwrought and therefore actually quite difficult to listen to.

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