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VIDEO: Lights – Banner

With a long awaited tour of the UK starting up this month, electro-pop princess Lights has unleashed a video for her new single, ‘Banner’. Check it out:

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NEWS: Lights announces February 2012 UK headline tour!

Electro-pop solo artist Lights has just confirmed a string of UK headline tour dates for early next year, in promotion of her latest full-length, ‘Siberia’. All dates of the tour can be seen below:

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ALBUM: Lights – Siberia

Release Date: October 4th, 2011
Label: Universal Music


With dubstep artists such as Skrillex and deadmau5 selling out world tours, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most quickly developing genres at the moment. Internet sensation Lights Poxleitner is pushing the genre to its boundaries with her unique style, and she has already done her own world tour, having lived in Canada, the Caribbean amongst many other places as a youngster, stating that her family would have even “been happy in Siberia”, a quote which has been the inspiration for a new, very different offering from the versatile 24-year-old.

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NEWS: Lights reveals details on second studio album ‘Siberia’!

Canadia electro-pop princess Lights has revealed news on her forthcoming second studio album, ‘Siberia’. The album is scheduled for release on October 4th 2011, and the artwork and tracklist can be viewed below:

01.) Siberia
02.) Where The Fence Is Low
03.) Toes
04.) Banner
05.) Everybody Breaks A Glass
06.) Heavy Rope
07.) Timing Is Everything
08.) Peace Sign
09.) Cactus In The Valley
10.) Suspension
11.) Flux And Flow
12.) Fourth Dimension
13.) And Counting…
14.) Day One

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NEWS: Lights features on Epic Meal Time video!

Electro-pop vocalist Lights features in the new Epic Meal Time video where she joins the cooking team in making a large metal loaf filled with McDonald’s Big Mac burgers. Check the Canadian solo artist chowing down in the video below:

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LIVE: Leeds Festival 2010 @ Braham Park, Leeds (27/08/2010) – (29/08/2010)

Date: August 27th – 29th, 2010
Venue: Bramham Park, Leeds
MySpace: None available


One of the UK’s biggest and most popular festival weekends, Reading/Leeds festival hosts hundreds of acts from pop to metal across an array of stages for three days. Combine mud, overly priced burgers and hot dogs with some amazing bands from across the world and you’ve got an awesome weekend ahead of you. We managed to review some of the bands at the festivals secondary site in Leeds, and here’s what we thought:

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SPOTIFY: Reading/Leeds Festival 2010 playlist!

Did everyone who went to Reading and Leeds festival this year have a good time? We’re sure being back at home may be more comfy and warm but not as fun as your weekend just was, but it’s not all bad. We’ve made a playlist for all of you to relive your experience, shoving all the best artists into one chain of 37 tracks of bands and acts who played across the festival weekend. Of course not every single band that played over the weekend is on the playlist, that’d be silly and some of them were a bit rubbish. We just shoved on those that we cover on the site and think you’d appreciate the most.

If you’re a Spotify user check it out and let us know what you think of it:
Reading/Leeds Festival 2010 playlist

Festival goers enjoy, and those who didn’t go just shove this on really loud and pretend you were there. Maybe bring some mud and grass in from outside, pitch a tent in your living room, wear some wellies and drink and dance lots!

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EP: Lights – Lights.Acoustic

Release Date: July 20th, 2010
Label: Underground Operations


We probably all best know Lights (and that’s her legal name now) for her electo-poppin’ bubbliness with tracks like ‘Ice’, ‘Second Go’ and ‘Savior’ almost sweet and chirpy enough to even give cavities to your cavities. Take a step back though and listen to her songs free from eletronics and studio magic, straight down to the core essentials and you’ll notice in ‘Lights.Acoustic’ that there’s a little more on offer from the Canadian starlet than you may be aware of.

Stripped down (and we’re talking musically, though undoubtedly many male adorers out there would hope for something different), album songs like ‘River’ and ‘Saviour’ are just as inviting, and arguably more real in their basic acoustic form than they are in an electronic package.

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ALBUM: Lights – The Listening

Release Date: May 17th, 2010
Label: Universal


Canadian singer Lights is a big deal in her homeland, the pint-sized musician – who legally changed her name from Valerie to Lights last year – has won numerous awards for her quirky sound. This side of the Atlantic however the singer is relatively unknown, but with the release of her debut album ‘The Listening’ finally coming to our shores months after Canada and the US, this is likely to change.

Lights‘ vocals are so distinct and memorable on this record that tracks off this album wouldn’t go amiss in the UK charts. The synthpop singer has an extremely high vocal range, which in places leaves you awestruck. Opening tune ‘Saviour’ and the album’s title track are both great examples of this. The songs are full of electro-pop goodness and perfectly placed vocals, and both of these tracks would go down really well with adolescents everywhere.

The 23-year-old appears to have a knack for songwriting too, songs such as ‘Face Up’ and ‘Ice’ are full of witty lyrics. In the latter, Lights uses a metaphor to describe her inability to face up to awkward situations, “My mouth is frozen so I can’t even speak / What a disappointment I had it perfectly / What I was going to bring up suddenly / Stood like a stone as you stood quietly / You’re making it hard for me, all I can do is freeze”.

The juxtaposition of heavy and in places gloomy lyrics with fast-paced and upbeat music seems to be the perfect combination. Upon listening to the record it becomes easy to see why Lights has won so many awards. The 13 tracks make for light listening and will most likely have you dancing around your room with a hairbrush at the ready to sing-a-long to the almighty choruses… oh wait, that might just be me. In all seriousness though, this is a pretty solid record, and Lights will undoubtedly make a name for herself in the UK with ‘The Listening’. The only downfall for me on this album is that sometimes the vocals are a little too whiney and repetitive for my liking, making one straight listen in its entirety a challenge.

But, if you love cheesy 90’s pop or anything that artists such as Owl City or 3OH!3 have released then this record is for you. This feel-good album might not top the charts, but will definitely get Lights recognition for her work.

Written by Kate Rees

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LIVE: Lights @ Academy 3, Manchester (15/04/2009)

Date: April 15th, 2009
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Support: N/A


Setting off the night’s four-act bill, Lights‘ (also know under her real name Valerie Poxleitner) spoonful of electro-pop/synth-pop is a refreshing, delightful, and welcomed change from the usual latter on the Give It A Name festival bill from past years. As pretty and friendly as her material is infectious, songs like ‘February Air’ and ‘The Last Thing On Your Mind’ are clearly unknown by a large proportion of the crowd, but are enough to at least have them moving. Restrictions of the small stage space and the band equipment definitely reduced the amount of performance activity, but the audience reaction when recent single ‘Ice’ makes an appearance is nothing but positive – not bad for one of their first ever shows in the UK.

New and generally unheard of, Lights could have done a whole lot worse. And though the band is a 3-piece, the act is ultimately the product of one woman’s creation. There’s undoubtedly going to be some degree of demand for a return to the UK.

Written by Zach Redrup
Photo taken by Andy Squire – 2009 ©

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