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FEATURE: A look into pop-punk throughout 2011 and its highlights!

We all know that the mainstream in the last few years have been dominated by manufactured boy bands, passing themselves off as more than mere pop bands by their ability to play instruments, and in some cases not even then. We all know who I’m talking about. They took pop-punk and soiled its good name, and warped it beyond recognition. However, something seems to have kicked in in 2011, are we growing tired of this mainstream bullshit fad? Probably not, but growing in the underground is a movement that is growing stronger and stronger by the day and is even starting to make its push for broader horizons.

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NEWS: Lazy Bear Records to release free pop-punk compilation album!

UK-based independent record label and charity minded clothing company Lazy Bear Records are set to release a free pop-punk compilation album on December 1st 2011, titled ‘Lazy Bear’s Definitive Guide To Pop-Punk 2011’.

The release will be available from Spotify, iTunes, Facebook, BandCamp and SoundCloud. Some artists featuring on the compilation include Hey! Alaska, Above The Underground, Autumn In Disguise, Kids Can’t Fly, A Day Overdue and more.

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