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EP: Kenan Bell – Good Day

Release Date: November 17th, 2008
Label: Cutlass Recordings


Just like most other genres, artists in the rap/hip-hop field have a tough time making it big too. Kenan Bell is no exception to the rule, but with his upcoming release ‘Good Day EP’, he hopes to receive plenty of what the record says on the tin.

Much like The Secret Handshake, it seems Kenan Bell wants to have his place in the alternative scene too, incorporating a lot of electronica and synth into his music, to hold the properties to make this possible. He’s quite knowlegdeable in the field aswell, with lyrics referring to rock acts like “A girl at Church, no longer she repents / She at home taking naked pictures like Pete Wentz(bassist of Fall Out Boy) from the song ‘Good Day’, and “I don’t know who’s the Daddy / Is it Joel or Benji?” (members of Good Charlotte) from ‘Celebrity’. He’s got catchy moments too, like the insatiable chorus hook of ‘Enjoy’ guaranteed to get stuck in your head for hours. Though the tracks are catchy, and at times witty and clever with the lyrics, there are moments which come across as a little tedious and unnecessary, but these flaws aren’t huge.

Not a bad effort by any means, especially for a 4-track EP, but when the time comes along for a full-length album then things need another step up. There’s no reason to say that this can’t be achieved with time though.

Written by Zach Redrup

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