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ALBUM: It Lives, It Breathes – Silver Knights

Release Date: April 1st 2016
Label: Stay Sick Recordings


You should never judge a book by its cover, yet the reaction on the face of your average music enthusiast will tell you all you need to know when they are told that It Lives, It Breathes were the first band to be signed to Fronzilla‘s record label, Stay Sick Recordings. The band – pushed by Attila‘s Marmite vocalist – are everything that you’d expect them to be; aesthetically off-putting, Vans Warped Tour ready electronic metalcore for people who assumedly have never listened to any other music before in their life. ‘Silver Knights’ is over the top, completely unnecessary, and so distinctly terrible that it might actually work.

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VIDEO: It Lives, It Breathes – Devil (feat. Jonny Craig)

Rhode Island’s own It Lives, It Breathes have just debuted their video to accompany their track ‘Devil’, which features guest vocals from Jonny Craig (of Slaves) and comes from the band’s upcoming LP, ‘Silver Knights’. You can check it out below:

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