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NEWS: Interpol to headline the NME Awards Tour 2014 this March!

Returning again this year is the NME Awards Tour this March, which will see Interpol headlining throughout with slots also provided by Temples, Royal Blood and Circa Waves. You can find the run of dates outlined below:

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ALBUM: Interpol – Our Love To Admire

Release Date: July 7th, 2007
Label: Capitol Records
Rating: 5/10


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The third album in a band’s career is usually very important; they’re past the debut and the struggle of album number two, so they have to step up their game and really impress and surprise their audience. Sadly, with ‘Our Love To Admire’, Interpol have rather fallen at the hurdle.

Things start well with the first minute or two of album opener ‘Pioneer To The Falls’, a haunting guitar riff accompanying the other instruments to great effect. This pleasure does not last though, and the song seems to drag on and on. They do try and liven things up a bit, but to little or no effect at all. It just appears to be 5 minutes of unenjoyable music that has you reaching for the ‘skip’ button on your stereo or computer. This also seems to be the case with ‘Pace Is The Trick’. Although this song does kick in fairly soon, they still seem to be repeating parts over and over, and the worst part is what they repeat provides little entertainment.

There are some pros to this album though, recent single release ‘Heinrich Maneuver’ does liven things up, and is one of the few tracks you want to listen to the whole way through. Upcoming single ‘Mammoth’ is similarly enjoyable.

‘Rest My Chemistry’ is definitely one that sticks out. Whilst it does take over a minute to kick in, it’s certainly worth the patience. The opening build-up riff is quite different to what you’ll find elsewhere on the album, you may actually think this is a different band altogether. It inserts quiet sections for a bit of variety, and a decent chorus that makes you want to sing the lyrics “Tonight I’m gonna rest my chemistry” alongside vocalist Paul Banks. If you only hear one track off this album, it has to be this one.

With ‘Our Love To Admire’ you can tell that the band does have the potential and technique to create songs well, it’s just a shame they drag some of the songs out for far too long and rarely deviate from the same old formula. Unless you’re a regular Interpol fan, this album is probably more of a miss than an essential listen.

Written by Zach Redrup

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