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ALBUM: Icarus The Owl – Pilot Waves


Release Date: October 16th 2015
Label: Blue Swan Records


Here’s a new one for the ever expanding, ever developing, genre book: technical pop-punk music. Yes, I can hear the groans. But, it’s true and very much applicable to Icarus The Owl. Blending the genres and evolving the progressive rock genre, Icarus The Owl bring the guitar tapping, time signature manipulating sounds of prog-rock and blend it with the harmonies and sing-alongs that make pop-punk irresistible.

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VIDEO: Icarus The Owl – I Am The DeLorean


Portland based up-and-comers Icarus The Owl have just debuted a music video to accompany their new track ‘I Am The DeLorean’, the latest cut from their soon-to-be-release record, ‘Pilot Waves’. You can watch it below:

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VIDEO: Icarus The Owl – Black Fish

Portland based up-and-comers Icarus The Owl have now revealed a music video for their track ‘Black Fish’, which is lifted from the band’s recent self-titled effort. You can watch the video below:

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