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INTERVIEW: I Left You For Summer @ Salford University, Manchester (14/11/2009)

Date: November 14th, 2008
Venue: Salford University, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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I Left You For Summer profile

It’s always nice when you come across a very small underground band that sounds like they’re 10 times bigger and more successful than they are, or even if this same band is just one that you’re proud to know and support and it’s rarity to find anyone else who’s even heard of their name before, let alone have an opinion on their sound. Cheshire’s I Left You For Summer are just one of those bands for a lot of their fans in their local area, and DEAD PRESS! has managed to chat with the band’s bassist Nick Barlow about their upcoming full-length debut album, along with a few other things here and there:


Zach: How’re things going in I Left You For Summer right now?
Nick: It’s all good really, erm, there’s a lot of change going on recently. Our old drummer quit, he left us. He wasn’t really enjoying the band, so we’ve just recently got a new drummer in. Erm, we’re planning for a new album aswell.

Zach: How’s the new album coming along?
Nick: Sweet as, we’re all so happy with it. Just like what we’ve done with it, and how we’ve experimented with our – with our sound is really different. We’ve taken bands like – and influences from like Underoath, and bands like Emarosa, and Thursday. It’s a bit more different from the other stuff, we’re exploring more of a heavier side I’d say, but quite more melodic. Rob‘s really working on his voice this time aswell, so expect different things with the vocals, and with everything else really.

Zach: Are there any names floating about for it?
Nick: There are, erm, but I have to keep that all hush-hush apparently [laughs]. I’ve been ordered by the rest of the band not to – but like erm, from next week on there might be stuff on the MySpace that may crop up. That’s my hint there [laughs].

Zach: Have you got any song titles you can tell us that’ll be on the record?
Nick: I do have one, which will be up next week, it’s called ‘That’s A Stylish Way To Hit The Ground’. It’s probably gonna be one of the first songs that’ll be on the album, but erm, we’re really happy with that. And it’s the first recorded song that we’ve done, so erm, we love it. I hope everyone else loves it too.

Zach: Is ‘Play Dead, Wear A Mask’ gonna be on the album, or is that just a single?
Nick: That’d be a secret [laughs], but erm, we’re considering re-doing it. With having a new drummer and all we’re just going for a different kind of sound aswell, so. But hopefully it should be on it.

Zach: You plan to bring out a single in December, any news you can share with us about that?
Nick: It’ll probably be before December now with everything that’s happened, it’s all happened – like all good things have happened so quickly. So, erm, it could be up within like the next few weeks, it’s – so I’d keep posted on that.

Zach: Is there an approximate release date for the album?
Nick: We do, erm, again that’ll be released probably in the next couple of weeks or so. We’re hoping early, so early 2009, so like February/March kind of time. We’ve just basically finished pre-production now, so it’s getting there.

Zach: Finally, are there anymore plans in the pipeline for the band?
Nick: Erm, 2009 we’re hoping is gonna be a big year. Trying to get label interest, and we’re gonna play in every town in England, that’s where we wanna be. We just wanna tour, play, get our word out, and tell everyone who I Left You For Summer are.

With that, DEAD PRESS! thank Nick for allowing us to do the interview in his university accomodation and for sparing some of his free time to chat with us. All that’s left to do is get back from Manchester, and home. With all that Nick‘s told us, it seems I Left You For Summer will be releasing their album sooner than expected, whether it’s worth any hype or not is yet to be seen.

Written by Zach Redrup

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SINGLE: I Left You For Summer – Play Dead, Wear A Mask

Release Date: August 1st, 2008
Label: Unsigned
Rating: 9/10

Website: None available

I Left You For Summer profile

Not long after releasing their debut EP, I Left You For Summer are soon back with another piece of alternative rock revealing talent can crop up from the smallest and most unknown places of the UK.

In such a short space of time, the band have gotten nothing but better with their musicianship and songwriting skills. Opening with a slow paced string section over a mellow guitar riff and vocal teamwork of Rob Scrannage and Stuart Williams, delivering dark lyrics with a beutiful deliverance. It soon explodes into the main rythm of the song, again with dark lyrics like “Maybe you were misinformed / The cancer isn’t in your lungs” and “Spilling your guts across the bathroom tiles” bringing a bit of horror into the frame.

It’s not long before we soon see how the musicianship quality increases, with an impressive guitar solo and moment of chaos before being brought back down to Earth, again shot with dark and spiteful lyrics from Rob like “This is gonna hurt like a bitch” and “Let’s be honest, you deserve it”, before being thrown back into the violence again and brought to the end.

With a single like this, it makes you wonder if there’s any other undiscovered UK talent like I Left You For Summer. If the band can cook up something to this degree and improve so dramatically so quickly, who knows what else is on the cards for them.

Written by Zach Redrup

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LIVE: Banned! Night @ Winnington Rec, Northwich (09/05/2008)

Date: May 9th, 2008
Venue: Winnington Rec, Northwich
Headliners: Minions Of Jeffrey
Support: I Left You For Summer, SFR

Rating: 7/10


Tonight at the weekly Banned! Night event, the amount of people in the crowd seems a little depleted than its usual intake of alternative music fans. Will this have an affect on the performance with the band’s tonight?

First band on the bill I Left You For Summer (****) from Holmes Chapel take to the stage, and start blitzing into their set almost immediately. The band may only have a few songs to present in their arsenal, and are still just a young band on the scene at the moment, but they execute each song with finesse. Frontman Rob Scrannage and bassist Nick Barlow are throwing themselves about both on and off the stage, with such hostility that at one point a member of the audience ran past with her hands over her head. Their set, consisting of ‘Redrum Is Murder Backwards’ and ‘Midnight In A Dream’, may have been a short-lived one, but one of energy and passion.

Next band up on the night’s schedule is SFR (***) from Cheshire, who weren’t quite as active and mobile as the previous act. Pretty new on the whole local Banned! Night gig scene, SFR performed just to make sure they get it out there, without making too many risky moves that could jeopardise this. Not the most exciting act to ever be on the stage, but by no means the worst either, making the few people that did go up to watch them play have a little dance and enjoy themselves.

Final band Minions Of Jeffrey (***) from Bolton looked a bit cramped onstage, and arguably a little uncomfortable with the small amount of space they had too, often hiding a few members behind others. Despite this, the eight-piece managed to play a set full of confidence and style with songs such as ‘M60 Ringroad’ and ‘The Witchdoctor’, combining the power of two trumpets into the alternative music approach to offer something tha’s not a regular occurrence in the halls of Winnington Rec. Frontmen Matt and Ste may have dressed in completely different outfits from one another (one in a suit and the other in a tracksuit), but with their level teamwork why would looks matter.

Regardless to the amount of people that showed up, the band’s that played were of a decent quality, and treated those who came along to the show. Let’s hope that next week a few more people don’t miss out.

Written by Zach Redrup

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EP: I Left You For Summer – Midnight In A Dream

Release Date: April 27th, 2008
Label: Unsigned
Rating: 9/10

Website: None available

I Left You For Summer profile

From the smaller and less-known areas of Cheshire in the UK, I Left You For Summer from Holmes Chapel formed together from the ashes of other fallen local bands, and using guitarist/back-up vocalist Stu Williams’ home studio equipment recorded debut EP Midnight In A Dream, and the results are nothing but impressive.

Right from the start, Midnight In A Dream displays energy, passion, and songwriting abilities that are rare to find in newly formed bands, even if the members have been in and out of many bands for the past few years. Lyrics that speak of various things, including a reference to Jesus Christ in the track ‘My Mannequin Can Slamdance’, asking “And were you there when they nailed him to the cross?” exploiting an area not found in many of the local Holmes Chapel bands. Vocalists Rob Scrannage and Stu Williams complement one another like salt and vinegar, offering a range of clean vocals and some harsh vocals here and there, such as the breakdown section in opening track ‘Midnight In A Dream’. Though there are elements that may make them come across as a somewhat emo band with this track, with lyrics such as “Waiting on your porch step in the rain”, “Wondering if this reflection could be me”, this is immediately countered with a sense of power, with lines like “You couldn’t stop me if you tried” shoving it right back in your face. The band name itself of I Left You For Summer just proves this further, but anyway, who says that emo is a bad thing?

One of the strongest moments on the album is closing track ‘Our First Date At The Graveyard’, starting with jerky but well-planned guitar work, a burst and blend of dual vocal work, great and advanced song structure, and a mixture of soft and heavy moments throughout, exposing the band’s diversity. It even has a humours outro dialogue between two of the band members.

On the whole, I Left You For Summer is a very advanced and impressive showcase from such a young band. Four tracks full of passion and labour, with various different influences and sounds, crafted to please most fans into any form of alternative music. If this is just their first release, then expect many great things to come.

Written by Zach Redrup

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