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GETTING INTO: Basick Records, As Chosen By A Trust Unclean

Basick Records are consistently and relentlessly throwing some of the best in heavy, heavy and heavy music at us as the likes of Bury Tomorrow, Monuments and FellSilent have all been on the books at one stage and are now harbouring the talents of Create To Inspire, The Arusha Accord and Misery Signals. Now you can add A Trust Unclean to the list as they’ve just released their debut deathcore mini-album ‘Parturition’ and are looking to reciprocate the creative accolades their predecessors have accomplished. The guys in the Bicester tech death metal five piece each picked out their favourite record from Basick Records over the years to invite us to learn more about the label and the bands they’ve showcased.

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GETTING INTO: Northern Irish Music, As Chosen By Making Monsters

Northern Island has been essential for British music over the years, from The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers shaping 70s punk rock to 90s alternative rock and metal powerhouses Ash and Therapy?, but it’s been an influx of radio indie bands that have made headlines more recently, with Snow Patrol and Two Door Cinema Club leading the way.

It’s time for us to take back the Northern Irish crown with Derry based alt rockers Making Monsters who release their brand new EP ‘Bad Blood’ on May 13th and wowed the UK supporting Fightstar in 2015. The ‘Better’ singers have highlighted some of their country’s most exciting bands and invite you to get a head of the curve by getting them into your ears now.

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GETTING INTO: French Music, As Chosen By Fire At Will

The biggest French exports our country has seen of late have found their success in the electronic market, with Daft Punk, Air and Justice all cementing themselves as household names – but the recent surge of heavy metal favourites, Gojira, has restored faith in the alternative music scene in France. So where do we look to find the new Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! or Betraying The Martyrs? Who will fly the Tricolour for the years to come? Hardcore punks Fire At Will play passionate and intense music, leading with a fast tempo and emotional shouting/singing vocals, and are ready to set Europe alight when they hit the road this Autumn.

We got the band to run us through some of the most exciting new bands that France has to offer, starting with themselves and 3 tracks from their brand new album ‘Life Goes On’.

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GETTING INTO: German Music

Standing in the middle of a field on a rainy day singing along to your favourite band with 50,000 people by your side is a pretty standard occurrence during Great Britain’s festival season. And, thanks to the Download 2016 headliners announcement, we now know that it will be happening again next year when thousands will flock to Donington to be in full voice for ‘Run To The Hills’, ‘Iron Man’, and… ‘Du Reicht So Gut’? German industrial metal pioneers Rammstein top the bill once again and remain the only non-English singing band to do so – but what is the appeal of Rammstein compared to the other rock bands, and why do they break the mould? Whether it’s the crazy pyro-filled live show, the onstage antics, or the brutally infectious riffs, they’ve certainly won the hearts of millions worldwide who can just about mumble along to the verses of their biggest songs. Yet, there’s plenty of massive European bands that have been overlooked by the British audience that haven’t been able to break down the door quite like Rammstein have.

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The purpose of our GETTING INTO features is to help give readers a place to get into bands you may have missed out on or bands who are less accessible. Well Sunn O))) (often stylised as just Sunn) are definitely the later. It’s almost easier to get into a secret society than it is to get into these drone metal pioneers. Much like its brother subgenre stoner metal, drone is all about slowing it down but bands like Sunn O))) and their influences like fellow Washington experimentalists Earth push the boundaries of drone metal to levels of avant-garde.

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There is all too often a short sighted perception of hardcore that it is a somewhat dead ended genre, a revolving loop of tedious chest beating and recycled ideas. For those of this opinion, Massachusetts pioneers Converge are the band to point to, their richly emotive and stridently creative strain of peerless fury being the very antithesis of club swinging stodge. With a dynamic understanding and a tangible, suffocating heaviness light-years beyond that of their contemporaries, or indeed any band before or since, their constant evolution and sonic vision has left them with a discography awash with genre defining high-points as they remain the very pinnacle of hardcore inventiveness.

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