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FEATURE: The MySpace Generation: Where Are They Now?

In February, the social media giant that is Facebook celebrated their 12 year anniversary. Back before the days when Facebook ruled the roost (yeah, we’re going back a bit now), MySpace was the social media daddy.

Sure, if you were a regular MySpace user, you probably recall the intense amounts of huge fake hair with multiple colours, the range of ‘scene’ names where you’d include anything mildly gory or dangerous if it wasn’t “RAWR”, whore trains, a plethora of bulletins asking for PC4PC/S4S/W4W/etc or telling you to repost something or you’ll die, amongst others. However, one of the things that kept MySpace such a interesting prospect from its inception to its dwindling demise from about 2008 onwards was what it did for music.

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FEATURE: 50 albums that turn 10 in 2016!

At the moment, it’s looking like 2016 is going to be a great year in terms of new albums, with a handful of huge bangers already out there and many more undoubted hits confirmed to be hitting out ears in the next few months. It’s also important to look back every so often, and it just turns out that a decade ago in 2006 was a great year for albums too.

Of course there are hundreds, but we filtered together 50 great albums that turn 10-years-old this year to remember those modern classics, accompanied with streams to bring ourselves a massive hit of euphoric nostalgia.

NOTE: These albums may bring intense levels and high frequencies of smiles, jumping, involuntary head nodding/banging and limb movements, and uncontrollable happiness.

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AUDIO: From First To Last – Santapocalypse


After returning earlier this year with their album ‘Dead Trees’ and a new vocalist in Periphery‘s own Spencer Sotelo, post-hardcore troupe From First To Last have dropped a new Christmas themed track, titled ‘Santapocalypse’. You can give it a listen below:

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AUDIO: From First To Last – Black And White


Returning post-hardcore unit From First To Last have just revealed a stream of a brand new track, titled ‘Black And White’, which will feature on the band’s upcoming fifth studio LP, ‘Dead Trees’. You can stream and listen to the track in full below:

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AUDIO: From First To Last – Dead Trees

From First To Last have returned with a brand new track from their upcoming fifth studio album. The song is entitled ‘Dead Trees’ and features the band’s brand new vocalist, Spencer Sotelo, also of Periphery. You can hear the song below:

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AUDIO: From First To Last – Note To Self (Re-Recording)

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, ‘Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count’, returning post-hardcore outfit From First To Last have unveiled a re-recorded version of their track ‘Note To Self’, featuring current lead vocalist Spencer Sotelo of Periphery. Give it a listen below:

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NEWS: Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo joins From First To Last!

Spencer Sotelo, frontman for djent metallers Periphery, is to join the reunited post-hardcore legends From First To Last  as their new vocalist. The band reformed last year and have since gone onto successfully fund an as-yet unreleased new album through Kickstarter which will feature Spencer. Travis Richter from the band has confirmed that Spencer will continue singing for both bands:

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NEWS: From First To Last confirm reunion and new EP release through Kickstarter!

Following a few weeks of speculation over the Internet, From First To Last frontman and co-founder Matt Good has now confirmed the band have reunited following their 3-year hiatus and will be releasing a new EP through a crowd funding Kickstarter campaign.

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FEATURE: 15 Christmas songs that yule love!

To begin with, sorry for the terrible feature name. But, with Christmas less than a month away now, we thought we’d be merry and bring you merry songs full of merriment that will make you merry about Christmas. Of course, we won’t be putting your conventional year-in year-out tunes you hear all the time. Instead, a few more alternative originals and covers. Enjoy!

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NEWS: From First To Last go on a hiatus and Matt Good joins Craig Owens!

From First To Last frontman and founder Matt Good has announced that the band are to go on an indefinite hiatus. Though he’s stated that there’s no chance in the foreseeable future for a new release, Matt hasn’t ruled out future releases from the band.

In other FFTL related news, Craig Owens has announced that Matt Good is to join him in his new currently untitled band. We even got a video clip to announce this officially complete with decent sized clips on some of the songs that will be coming out:

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