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GETTING INTO: Italian Music, As Chosen By Fall Of Minerva

Europe is a huge hub for rock music, with Summer festivals in countless countries showcasing the best music throughout the continent. This year sees major bands from a host of different locations like Black Sabbath, Rammstein, Volbeat, Ghost, Abbath, Behemoth, Nightwish and Gojira to name a few, yet we seem to have hit a drought in the amount of Italian bands hitting the circuit. With Lacuna Coil off an album cycle, Rhapsody of Fire losing key members over the last couple of years and Fleshgod Apocalypse perhaps being too extreme for the limelight, it really has been a slow couple of years for the Italians – even their own ‘Gods of Metal’ festival this year hasn’t announced one band from their own country yet.

So where is the new wave of bands? Who do Italy look to now? We caught up with Vicenza post-hardcore newcomers Fall of Minerva about the future of Italian music and which bands from Lo Stivale that you should be checking out.

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