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LIVE: Slam Dunk Festival @ Birmingham (27/05/2017)

Date: May 27th 2017
Venue: NEC, Birmingham

Another May Bank Holiday weekend means another Slam Dunk Festival, and now with over ten years in the game under their belt, it’s safe to say they’ve got this pretty much locked down now, securing Enter Shikari as their main stage headliners whilst they celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut full-length album, ‘Take To The Skies’.

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NEWS: Enter Shikari detail headline UK tour for November 2017!

Ahead of their headline sets at Slam Dunk Festival this weekend, St. Albans troupe Enter Shikari have now confirmed dates of a headline tour across the UK in November, which is expected to coincide with a forthcoming new release from the band.

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NEWS: Bands & musicians speak out regarding Manchester Arena attack!

Off the back of the tragic events that transpired yesterday evening (May 22nd 2017) at the Manchester Arena, which saw a suicide bomber tragically claim 22 lives and injure over 50 others, many bands and musicians from across the music scene – not just ours – have spoken out and shared their thoughts, love, and condolences to all of those affected by the incident.

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FEATURE: 50 albums that turn 10 in 2017!

A decade is, especially in the music world, quite a long time, even if it does seem to just flash by and feel like just a month. Ten years ago, back in 2007, things were very different; MySpace was still the kingpin of social media, Bring Me The Horizon were dodging bottles whilst supporting Killswitch Engage night after night, and Give It A Name and Taste Of Chaos were still a thing.

Along with all the nostalgic memories, 2007 was also host to a plethora of great records, some being the first major step for a lot of bands towards the lofty heights of their career that they’re revelling in today.

Of course there are hundreds, but we filtered together 50 great albums that turn 10-years-old this year to remember those modern classics.

NOTE: These albums may bring intense levels and high frequencies of smiles, jumping, involuntary head nodding/banging and limb movements, and uncontrollable happiness.

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NEWS: Enter Shikari to release lyrics and essays book, ‘Dear Future Historians’!

Enter Shikari are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album ‘Take To The Skies’ this year, and in another way of looking back at their illustrious career so far, they’re also set to release a lyrics, essays and photo book, titled ‘Dear Future Historians’.

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NEWS: Enter Shikari share 10 tips for anti-Trump protestors!

Since Donald Trump officially entered the office a fortnight ago (January 20th 2017) and became the 45th President of the United States of America, you’d be hard pressed to go a single day without hearing some form of news coverage about it, whether that be linked to a protest, or hearing of a new executive order he’s implementing.

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NEWS: Enter Shikari confirmed to headline Slam Dunk 2017 & ‘Take To The Skies’ 10th anniversary shows!

After some teasing a couple of days ago that they’d be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album, ‘Take To The Skies’, British quartet Enter Shikari have confirmed that they’ll be performing a handful of special shows, which includes headline slots at next year’s Slam Dunk Festival weekend.

You can find all of the band’s forthcoming UK shows celebrating ‘Take To The Skies’ below:

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FEATURE: How the music scene responded to Donald Trump becoming the US president!

By now, pretty much everyone in the world is aware of the outcome from last night’s US presidential election day, seeing perhaps one of the most visceral and venomous campaigns seen in the history of US politics. Even most of those who had voted for winner Donald Trump to become the country’s 45th president had been surprised (those voting for Trump pleasantly so, of course) by the result, especially seeing as though the candidate has pretty much no political experience until he ran for office.

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NEWS: Enter Shikari tease ‘Take To The Skies’ 10th anniversary plans!

Earlier today, St. Albans post-hardcore outfit Enter Shikari posted an image via their social media accounts that strongly hints at the band planning to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their debut and breakthrough full-length album ‘Take To The Skies’ next year.

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VIDEO: Enter Shikari – Hoodwinker

Having not long finished off the album cycle for their last full-length effort ‘The Mindsweep’, Enter Shikari have just unveiled a video to accompany a brand new surprise track, ‘Hoodwinker’. The song premiered last night on BBC Radio 1 during the Rock Show with Daniel P. Carter.

You can stream and watch the video for ‘Hoodwinker’ below:

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