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ALBUM: Duck Duck Goose – Off Yourself

Release Date: April 20th, 2010
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


With Blood Brothers defunct, Fear Before not shaking anywhere near as oddly as they used to and The Murder Of Rosa Luxembourg all but a faint speck lost to the dust clouds of the near past, who can you turn to for a dose of melodic, spazzed-up hardcore fit for LSD trips on spinning teacups rides? Duck Duck Goose are your new sheet of blotting paper.

Take this band at name value at your peril or open wide for one almighty sucker-punch to the chops. ‘Off Yourself’ is a work of addled over excitement and attention shredding joy made by men of demented intentions and crazy eyed abandon. With their snarling bass lines, meandering, jazzed up guitars, pounding drums and howling, wailing yelps and screams, Duck Duck Goose spit out round after round of spectacularly unstable hardcore that takes a bite at anything put in front of it. The entire track listing drips with more reckless energy than a fired up hooker stuffed full of Semtex and chilli powder.

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