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ALBUM: Drive A – The World In Shambles

Release Date: April 5th, 2011
Label: Dead Conflict Records


Drive A have released ‘World In Shambles’ two years later to follow-up their debut ‘Loss Of Desire’ released in 2009. Still following their punk-rock influences and rebellious ambitions, what can Drive A offer us this time?

The opener ‘Intro’ provides a little bit of a background story to the album by having a news report announce the band’s disappearance, and that they are to blame. From hearing this we can easily piece together that the band are going to be either rebellious or mischievous in some way. This is then followed up by the explosive introduction from ‘Revolt!’ forcing upon us a high amount of energy, a fast tempo and some heavy, but basic riffs structures along with a solid bass-line. ‘Revolt!’ stands and provides as a song that you can just go crazy to, making for an effective album opener.

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