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INTERVIEW: Dreams & Empires (15/02/2011)

Making music that doesn’t stick to the conventional verse/chorus/verse structure is much harder than some may think, and incorporating a range of different sounds and various genres into the mix also makes for a hard to construct flurry. Those however who do manage to pull it off are rewarded with great results, and Glasgow-based Dreams & Empires are one of such bands, and whose self-titled 3-track EP is not only one conveying artistry, but is also available online completely free and legally too. We decided to get in touch with the boys for a little chat about how things are going so far since the EP release in December:

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EP: Dreams & Empires – Dreams & Empires

Release Date: December 1st, 2010
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Being adventurous and artistic in the music world is a risk, one that will either pay off greatly in one way or another, or simply just flop and fail flat. In this saturated and diluted scene however it’s necessary for many bands to do this now so they can stand out in the crowd, especially the smaller unsigned acts. Dreams & Empires are one of many going for something refreshing, and their debut 3-track EP pays is the fruit of their labours.

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