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EP: Dreamer – To Be Heard Above The Noise

Release Date: June 1st, 2010
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Dreamer are roughly as original as their name. A name shared with purveyors of Welsh new-wave, Canadian christian-metal, gothic rock from Indonesia, and many more acts who never thought to check that the name they christened their band wasn’t already taken. The only thing more recycled than their name is their paltry style of adolescent heart-wrench rock, whose primary purpose is to provide solace space for 15-year-old boys spilled-milk-blubbering as the sun goes down on their latest two month MySpace fling.

The vocals are nondescript. Some of the melodies they competently carry are solid if unimaginative (e.g. ‘Sever The Ties’ and ‘The Sun’), the lyrics have been written with a rhyming dictionary (“I’ve been thinkin’, what got me in this mess? / ’cause I’ve been trying to speak but not confess”, gross), and they do that irritating, infinitely overused vocal gesture of dipping a tone at the end of every damn note to feign distress. The screaming is also missing something, lacking emotional credibility.

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