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NEWS: Daytrader part ways with vocalist, Tym!

American rockers Daytrader have just announced that they will be parting ways with vocalist, Tym.

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ALBUM: Daytrader – Twelve Years

Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Label: Rise Records / Run For Cover Records
Website: None available


Foo Fighters, Sum 41, The Offspring, the Malcolm In The Middle theme song; this was a big part of my teenage soundtrack. Every time I hear a single chord from one of these bands/songs, it triggers an avalanche of all these wonderful memories. So, when I hear a new band similar in style to the aforementioned memory triggers, I always take an instant shine to them. Daytrader are just that, they have captured the essence of all these bands whilst adapting to today’s alternative/punk/rock scene.

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NEWS: Daytrader reveal details for new album ‘Twelve Years’!

Keeping the buzz strong since the release of their ‘Last Days Of Rome’ EP last year, Daytrader are set to release their studio full-length ‘Twelve Years’ through Rise Records on May 8th 2012. The album artwork and full tracklisting can be found below:

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FEATURE: A look into pop-punk throughout 2011 and its highlights!

We all know that the mainstream in the last few years have been dominated by manufactured boy bands, passing themselves off as more than mere pop bands by their ability to play instruments, and in some cases not even then. We all know who I’m talking about. They took pop-punk and soiled its good name, and warped it beyond recognition. However, something seems to have kicked in in 2011, are we growing tired of this mainstream bullshit fad? Probably not, but growing in the underground is a movement that is growing stronger and stronger by the day and is even starting to make its push for broader horizons.

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