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VIDEO: Cursive – Drunken Birds

Cursive have just released their new video for ‘Drunken Birds’, which you can view through our embed we’ve posted below:

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ALBUM: Cursive – I Am Gemini

Release Date: February 21st, 2012
Label: Saddle Creek


Indie rock is a very hit and miss genre. If you want to take the mainstream route, you’ve got bands like Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand that provide some simple yet enjoyable songs. Beneath the cardigan clad surface though is the ‘proper’ indie rock, if you will, populated by hipsters galore. It’s here then, that you’ll find Cursive, now on their seventh full-length album, entitled ‘I Am Gemini’, which I’m told follows a familiar pattern of twins separated at birth, eternal struggle between good and evil, meeting later in life at some arbitrary point. It’s one that’s been done many times before, and one that will be done a lot better than ‘I Am Gemini’ in the future.

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