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SICK SWAG!: Cupcake Cuties

Along with a scene suffocating with several bands riding along another’s jetstream, not bringing anything new or refreshing to the table and basically acting as an often weaker immitator and recreator, the alternative fashion scene is also suffering from a similar problem. Ever since Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes‘ brand Drop Dead exploded in its early days many planned to follow suit, creating gore and similar themed clothing to sell to the masses. Some survived, but many failed and disbanded before getting anywhere.

Cupcake Cuties are newbies in the market, but the difference is they’re bringing something less gore and hardcore orientated, and more focused on stuff like bakers and cakes?! We at DEAD PRESS! were intrigued to the point where we thought we’d have a little chat with founder Dominic Gregory, because what exactly makes a cupcake cutie is interesting to say the least.

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