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LIVE: Charlene Soraia @ Night And Day Café, Manchester (25/02/2012)

Date: February 25th, 2012
Venue: Night And Day Café, Manchester
Support: Dan Shears


When a gig is sold out, you expect to be packed into a room so tightly that you leave wondering whether it’s your own sweat that has drenched your shirt or the fat bloke’s that you were stuck behind all night. So, tonight is a nice change when the Night And Day Café approves of personal space and doesn’t pack as many people in as possible. You don’t even have to fight your way to the bar whilst waiting for the acts to take to the stage. Headlining tonight is Charlene Soraia, demonstrating that she is a lot more than that girl who did that cover of The Calling. You know, it’s on the Twinings advert.

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