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FEATURE: The MySpace Bands: Where Are They Now?

This month marks the 14 year anniversary since MySpace was born and released to the world, and with it becoming the birth place for many embarrassing photos, reasons to learn HTML, and bulletins of silly games. Back before the days when Facebook ruled the roost (yeah, we’re going back a bit now), MySpace was the social media daddy.

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NEWS: Brokencyde detail fourth LP, ‘All Grown Up’, out February 14th 2016!

Despite a flop of an Indiegogo campaign last year to help crowdfund their new album, New Mexico based crunkcore opinion splitters Brokencyde have confirmed details of their forthcoming full-length effort, ‘All Grown Up’, which is set for release on February 14th 2016. You can check out the album’s artwork, full track listing, several track streams, and a pre-order link below:

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VIDEO: Brokencyde – Dance Off

Following an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign earlier this year to crowdfund their fourth full-length album, much loathed crunkcore duo Brokencyde have returned with a new single, ‘Dance Off’. You can stream and watch the video to accompany the track below:

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AUDIO: Brokencyde – Geronimo!

Everyone’s favourite band to hate Brokencyde have just unveiled a stream of their brand new single, titled ‘Geronimo!’. You can play and listen to the track via the embedded player below:

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ALBUM: Brokencyde – Guilty Pleasure

Release Date: November 8th, 2011
Label: Suburban Noize Records


There are some albums which are so intricately written and amazingly performed that the review basically writes itself. If you could for one second, imagine the very opposite of that, then we have Brokencyde. Half of the title is correct, as any “band” who release this nonsense, are definitely guilty, most likely of both breach of the peace to anyone daft enough to buy their albums, and also of several animal cruelty laws, as the high pitched melody here will be driving almost every species of dog to the brink of suicide. Pleasure, however, is an emotion which will only be felt by sado-masochists, who are brave enough to torture themselves throughout this album and make it to the end of thirteen of the most awful songs in production.

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VIDEO: Brokencyde – Still The King

One of the world’s biggest love/hate bands Brokencyde have went down a much darker route than usual in the video for their latest single, ‘Still The King’. Check it out:

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ALBUM: Brokencyde – Will Never Die

Release Date: November 9th, 2010
Label: Break Silence Recordings
Website: None available


If their album’s title is true and the band really will never die, then at least some hope remains that they’ll instead just go away. Brokencyde, the crunk/gangsta/screamo hybrid make their return with ‘Will Never Die’, the band’s second album after their just as tuneful debut ‘I’m Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It!’. With 18 songs lasting a total of 53 minutes, making it through the album is a honour and you should congratulate yourself on not actually dying whilst listening.

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VIDEO: Brokencyde – Teach Me How To Scream

Controversial 4-piece Brokencyde have just released their music video for ‘Teach Me How To Scream’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Will Never Die’. Take note: this video features booze, girls, crossdressers, and a guy dressed up as a grizzly bear. If you hated them before, you’ll still hate them now:

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NEWS: Brokencyde reveal new album cover and tracklisting!

Crunkcore pioneers Brokencyde have revealed the cover artwork and full tracklisting for their forthcoming album, confidently titled ‘Will Never Die’. The album is due for release on November 9th 2010.

01.) Epic Intro
02.) Dis Iz A Rager Dude
03.) Always Go Hard
04.) SHAKE!
05.) Whatcha Want
06.) T.M.H.T.S. Lesson 1 (Skit)
07.) Teach Me How To Scream
08.) Money Hungry Hoe
09.) High Timez (feat. Daddy X of the Kottonmouth Kings)
10.) Where We @? (Skit)
11.) Da House Party
12.) My Gurl
13.) Kama Sutra
14.) Ugly Bitch With A Mustache (Skit)
15.) Goose Gogglez
16.) U Ain’t Crunk
17.) Ride Slow
18.) Sunshine

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OUR DAY OUT!: Manchester, McDonalds & Mickles

Date: April 13th, 2010
Location: Manchester, UK

Zach Redrup
Paul Smith

Brief Description:
Upon deciding on attending a gig by a selection of bands generally despised by writers Paul Smith and Zach Redrup, the two decide to attend and review the show together with the first ever duo-reviewed DEAD PRESS! attended show. Zach wrote the more professional and ‘proper’ review, and Paul… well… he wrote it in a more informal and chatty kind of way, and even went to describe the happenings of the whole day. This people is their day out!

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