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AUDIO: Bloodhound Gang – American Bitches (Stripped)

Pennsylvania comedy fuelled rockers Bloodhound Gang have returned with a new single, titled ‘American Bitches (Stripped)’, which you can listen to by streaming it through the embedded player below:

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ALBUM: Bloodhound Gang – Show Us Your Hits

Release Date: December 28th, 2010
Label: Universal


Whenever the name Bloodhound Gang is mentioned, it triggers off various memories of life as a teenager, at least if you’re aged around 16-23 right now. ‘Fire Water Burn’, ‘The Bad Touch’ and ‘Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo’ are the songs that stick in my mind because they are the songs that defined the band’s career to date. Nearly all of their songs involve lyrics that are hilarious, ridiculous and they are either about bodily functions, sex or women’s bodies. When you’re younger, these types of lyrics seem great and you think you’re awesome for singing along to their risqué themes, so it’s interesting to see what Bloodhound Gang come across as now in older and (slightly) more mature years.

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