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LIVE: La Dispute @ The Well, Leeds (21/06/2010)

Date: June 21st, 2010
Venue: The Well, Leeds
Support: Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort, Antares, We’ll Die Smiling, Curses
Website: None available


The Leeds stop of La Dispute‘s short stay in the UK almost never happened. Salvation came with a venue change from Royal Park Cellars to The Well saving the band’s only northern date.

Due to technical difficulties with the guest list, the events of Curses‘ set are a mystery. As you can only review what you’ve actually seen, I can only describe their set as a live rendition of their songs, played at volume to an audience within a room. Check out their myspace or head down to a future show to see Curses; the band that got away.

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EP: Antares – L’esprit De L’escalier

Release Date: January 12th, 2010
Label: Holy Roar


The first sixty-nine seconds of ‘L’esprit De L’escalier’ are the blood clot before the brain haemorrhage. Try to stand in its way for the following 15 minutes and you’ll be ripped to shreds. This is progressive hardcore at its sharpest with jaw dropping guitar work, snap wristed, bone blast drumming and the furious vocal cluster bombs of lead singer Steve Watts. This is no tech demo. You won’t be touching yourself to the sound of some self-indulgent, poodle haired guitar heroics. Dig your nails in deep and hold on tight. You won’t have the lungs left to admire the scenery.

After its placid, false sense of security birthing, opener ‘High Function’ hooks in its claws, dragging you head long into its violent labour pain melee. As the notes rip through your ears and into the soft, grey wet stuff beyond, you’re left in no doubt that those behind it all aren’t in the girth and length comparison game. This is predatory feral hardcore with no time for flabby gimmicks and distracting theatrics. The insane fingers-on-fret work was never built to take prisoners.

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