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ALBUM: A Life Once Lost – Iron Gag

Release Date: September 18th, 2007
Label: Ferret Music


Hardcore is a genre often tapped into by fans of the metal genre, or who at one point were fans of at least one of the metal sub-genres. However, this mustn’t be mistaken as metal itself, as the genre is different in its own right. A Life Once Lost are one of these bands which you can certify under said genre, and ‘Iron Gag’ is definitely one that gives the genre a good name.

Throughout the course of the album you’re attacked over and over again with anger and aggression, something ‘Iron Gag’ is packed with. ‘Firewater Joyride’ and ‘Others Die’ are just a couple to pick out which shows clear evidence of this, with harsh vocals and chugging riffs almost everywhere. Musician skill isn’t a miss with this band either; diverse and technical riffs, powerful drum beats, and cynical rage-fuelled vocal work are everything but a miss in this package.

The track ‘The Wanderer’ is definitely one of the better songs offered on ‘Iron Gag’, with a soulful guitar introduction and interludes throughout, angry and meaningful lyrics – “I figure that you only wanted to make me feel this way / So that you can feel better about yourself.” – which everyone can relate to at one point or another. Let’s not forget the guitar solo either, which just boosts and adds to the excitement.

However, ‘Iron Gag’ isn’t without its downsides, as with most music releases. It sometimes feels like most of the album sounds like everything else on the album, and doesn’t quite contain as much diversity as it could or should do. The songs are angry, yet repetitive, and where the album is exciting is at the same time boring and nothing you didn’t hear 2 minutes previously.

If hardcore is your bag then stick this on your to buy list, with aggression being the key theme in everything this band portrays in this offering. If you like the one song and have patience this could build onto your top favourites.

Written by Zach Redrup

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