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ALBUM: 22 – Flux

Release Date: August 6th, 2012
Label: Anticon


Trying to pin the Norwegian band 22 to a genre is a bit of a nightmare. According to their MySpace, they play ‘prog rock with funk spasms’, but they have also been thrown into other genres such as post rock, math rock, experimental metal and crossover prog. Now, one thing is for sure, 22 certainly don’t fit into any sort of metal vein, but if you’re a genre nazi and have the burning desire to pigeon hole every band you hear than maybe experimental psycodelic prog rock might satisfy your appetite.

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VIDEO: 22 – Kneel Estate

Norwegian quartet 22 have released their new music video for ‘Kneel Estate’, taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name, which acts as a “Instructional Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Harmonic Individuality and Universal Transcendence”. See what you think:

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EP: 22 – Plastik

Release Date: July 4th, 2011
Label: Best Before Records
Website: None available


Sounding like a mix between a drugged-up, spazzy The Mars Volta and a less visceral Blakfish, Norwegian band, 22, have released one of the weirdest, diverse, listenable offerings of the year so far. Their brand of music is hard to categorise: there’s so much going on and it’s such a mash-up of different styles that at times, the music threatens to drown out any sort of rhythm the band manage to form – which is a lot – but when this happens, the music gives way to a much less heavy sound and could even be said to be indie.

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