Here at DEAD PRESS!, we have a range of different services to help promote your band or company. Whether you’re a band member yourself, a solo artist, PR, manager, booking agent, venue owner, run a clothing company, own a record label or anything else, get in touch with your enquiry and we’ll do what we can to help. Here’s what we can do for you:


We’ll review your CD (album/single/EP/demo) whether you choose to send us a digital download version or a physical copy. Being old school and nostalgic, we’d prefer physical CDs sent our way instead of an invisible mp3, but at the end of the day it’s whatever is easiest for you. Remember to get in touch with us first at to make sure the release and your band are suitable. The release also has to be less than 2 months old from its release date. We’ll also need a press release/bio, release info and website info to accompany it.


If you have an upcoming show you wish for us to attend and write up a review for, we can do that depending on where in the country and if a member of our staff is available to attend. Contact us at with the date and venue of the show, who else is performing, and ensure that you can provide us either free tickets or guestlist access in exchange for a review.


Having an interview is a great way to get your background and name of your band out there. If you want one sorting out then get in touch with us providing basic band details: band history, bio, members, releases, future plans, music videos, etc. at and we’ll see if we can take it further. If so, we’ll compose a series of questions and send them your way to answer and then upload onto the site.


If you’ve got a feature idea you’d like for us to get on board with and get onto the site, provide us your idea over at giving us as much detail about the idea as possible.


Got some merch, CDs or other goodies you want to giveaway in a competition to help promote your band or brand? Let us know what your idea is and what you want to giveaway over at and we should be able to sort something out together that works.


If you’ve got an upcoming/recent release or music video that you want more people to check out then let us know and we should be able to help out. Tell us what you want on the site through and we’ll see if we can shove your song/album/EP/demo/music video onto the site. If you want us to host an exclusive let us know, and for all you know we may be even more interested.


Looking to get some new up-to-date promo shots done for your band? No problem, we’re in touch with a selection of great photographers who can help to get exactly what you want out of a photoshoot. Get in touch with us at the usual address – – with your ideas, and we’ll pass you onto one of our selected snappers to sort you out.


Lots of bands like a visual representation of their songs to go with the track, and that’s exactly what music videos are for. We’re in close contact with an esteemed director who’s worked alongside the final two Harry Potter films and shot music videos for a range of different bands, including InMe and Madina Lake to name but a few. Drop us an email via and we’ll be sure to sort you out.