August, 15, 2018, 7:54:03

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ALBUM REVIEW: Annisokay – Arms

For their fourth full-length, Germany’s Annisokay have somehow managed to not only go heavier, but also become more melodic in the process. ‘Arms’ captures the sound of a band confident in their abilities and craftsmanship, building on their previous foundations and forging a new path in their journey. Read More



INTERVIEW: L.I.F.T. (03/08/2018)

Hip-hop and rock are blending more than ever recently, and we’re seeing the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Death Grips finding success worldwide. L.I.F.T. (or, Love In Future Times) are a brand new emo/hip-hop group who are turning heads on Pete Wentz’s DCD2 Records, and recently dropped their debut EP. Read More