NEWS: Spinefarm Records sign Royal Thunder, The Browning, and Hellhorse!

Spinefarm Records has confirmed a trio of new signing that will join its ever flourishing roster. Atlanta rockers Royal Thunder, electronic/metal hybrid The Browning and five-headed sludge unit Helhorse have all inked deals with the label, and you can read a statement from each band below:

Royal Thunder: ‘We’d like to thank Relapse Records for all the years we had together. But now it’s time to move on. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to obtain something good. And as a band, we have always worked hard, stayed true to ourselves and to one another. We are a family. We thank you Spinefarm for the opportunity to move on with you and be a part of your family! We look forward to many great years together! Bones!’

The Browning: ‘I am really proud of what The Browning has become. It’s been a long, hard road. Signing with Spinefarm is a big step in the awesome direction this band is going and I cannot wait for the future. Excited for the world to hear this next album!’

Helhorse: ‘We are thrilled to announce that Spinefarm will be our new label family. We feel this label has the integrity, muscle and passion that Helhorse need. The future is looking really exciting for Helhorse and we can’t wait to throw our new labor of love in your face, ears and hearts’.