NEWS: PWR BTTM’s music removed from digital retailers following recent allegations!

With the news of PWR BTTM‘s guitarist/vocalist Ben Hopkins facing a series of sexual abuse allegations coming to light online last week, which in turn has seen the band dropped by their management Salty Artist Management and label Polyvinyl, it seems that the fallout of this information is continuing with their music now being removed from digital retailers.

The allegations towards Hopkins surfaced last week (we reported this here), after the claims were posted via a private Facebook group called ‘DIY Chicago’. The band have released a statement of their own addressing the claims, but action was soon followed by their label and management both dropping them. Polyvinyl are also offering refunds to anyone who purchase their music from them.

It now appears that their music is also being removed from popular digital music retailers, and are no longer available to purchase from the likes of iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, or Amazon. Along with their latest album, ‘Pageant’, it appears that this also includes the band’s previous records, released by Father/Daughter Records.

It has also since been reported by Billboard (here) that the band will be cancelling all upcoming tour dates, following the news that opening acts T-Rextasy and Nnamdi Ogbannaya have exited the tour last week and posted statements of their own.

More details surrounding the allegations, and any word from the band or other representatives will be confirmed as and when it develops.