NEWS: Holy Roar Records launch sister label, Truthseeker Music!

Having a respected following in the scene since their launch back in 2006, Holy Roar Records have now launched a brand new sister label, Truthseeker Music, which will be lead by Alex Leat. The team at Holy Roar Records had the following to say about the news:

“Please give a warm welcome to our new sister label, Truthseeker Music.

Headed up by Alex Leat, who has worked for Holy Roar for the past two years, and it is clear that he possesses everything needed to front up an open-ended endeavour that ably reflects his taste and talents, rather than Holy Roar simply be involved in the release of the forthcoming debut album from Human Future. Holy Roar has forged its own distinct path over the course of 8 years and the idea of helping sow the seeds of a new label, unencumbered by expectation or boundary, was too good to pass up. It’s time to break new ground once more.”

Truthseeker Music will kick off with the release of Human Future‘s debut album, ‘Spectrum’, which is slated for an April 27th 2015 release date. You can pre-order the album now from the label’s official webstore (here).