NEWS: Being As An Ocean leave Equal Vision; will self-release fourth album!

Back in February 2016, Californian post-hardcore outfit Being As An Ocean announced that they had signed with and joined Equal Vision Records, with the intent to release their fourth full-length record ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’ through the label on June 9th 2017.

However, that date has come and gone almost three months ago now, and the reason for the ongoing delay has been something that has been kept in the dark. Though, the band did ask on June 6th 2017 for all questions about its release to be sent directly to the label.

Now, the band have confirmed that they have indeed left Equal Vision Records, though the reasons for leaving the label after such a short relationship with them and without putting out any official release together with them is still not clear.

The news was confirmed via a tweet by guitarist and founding member Tyler Ross, who said that he just had to buy his own album, presumably meaning he had bought and secured the rights from the label for the band to do as they wish with ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’.

Fans soon became inquisitive, and began tweeting back to Ross for more information on the situation and the album, to which he confirmed that they will be releasing the album independently.

Along with this, though an official revised release date for the record hasn’t been confirmed just yet, Ross did state that we’ll be hearing some further material or news in just a few short days.

Though it’s obvious that somewhere along the line during their working relationship that things became sour, it’s not clear at this time as to what has happened exactly, and how much Ross and the band were required to pay to buy back the rights for their forthcoming full-length album – likely due to legal reasons.

During their time with the label, the band released three singles; ‘Dissolve’, ‘OK’, and ‘Black & Blue’.

According to tweets and news already confirmed by the band over the past few months, the record is apparently ready, and on May 10th 2017, they tweeted out its finalised track listing (here), and, though this could be altered before the album is publicly available, this is how it currently stands.

1.) Pink & Red
2.) Black & Blue
3.) Floating Through Darkness, They Seemed To
4.) Glow
5.) And Fade Away When Morning Came
6.) OK
7.) As Though Each Of My Problems Would Slip Away
8.) Dissolve
9.) Thorns
10.) eB tahT srewoP ehT
11.) Suddenly, I Was Alone
12.) Blacktop
13.) I Saw Before Me, A Bright Red Light, And Silently I Stood,
14.) Waiting For Morning To Come

Further details surrounding the record beyond a concrete release date or format, including the finalised track listing, are likely to be confirmed over the coming days if we’re going off what Ross has stated in his tweets.