LIVE: 36 Crazyfists @ Academy 2, Manchester (10/03/2009)

Date: March 10th, 2009
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Support: Gwen Stacy, Poison The Well


Approaching almost a year since the release of their latest album ‘The Tide And Its Takers’, 36 Crazyfists finally bring their Alaskan metalcore dominance across to the UK. Surely the long-awaited anticipation for the boys to come back here will set promise for an explosive set response.

Christian band Gwen Stacy (****) bring their cards to the table first, bringing along vocalist Geoff Jenkins as a replacement fill-in due to recent band member changing issues. Even with this handicap upon them, the band play a set like they’d all been doing this together for years and years, each song being performed near flawless. A digital camera comes out here and there to snapshot the energetic crowd over the band’s 30 minutes on stage – a sure sign that Gwen Stacy are loving the attention.

You’d have thought things would have stepped up a level when veterans Poison The Well (***) were given their time to shine. Sadly though this isn’t the case, and keep the night at the same level of intensity as the previous act without making very much effort to work the crowd up anymore. Nevertheless, the audience are loving what’s being given to them, creating multiple moshpits and chanting along to the band’s lyrics to almost every single song on the set.

36 Crazyfists (*****) however shit all over the other two bands, setting a whole new class of their own for the night. Right from the start with ‘I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops’, the band deliver themselves like a demolition team setting off explosions across the entire duration of the night; proving to be an easy and enjoyable task with popular singles ‘We Gave It Hell’, ‘At The End Of August’, and ‘Bloodwork’ all making an appearance. The great thing about 36 Crazyfists though is that aswell as putting on an energetic and exciting live show, they also show their great appreciation for their fans to the extent that most other bands – even those smaller and more underground than these boys. For ‘Destroy The Map’ vocalist Brock Lindow invites a member of crowd to get up onstage to help with the dual vocal work in the song, and in return offers him free merchandise from their table after the show. One after another, each song in their set including ‘The All Night Lights’, ‘Elysium’, and ‘Installing The Catheter’ are pulled off almost perfectly, with the fans erupting moshpits and walls of death like it was the new ‘thing’. Nothing compares to the closer of ‘Slit Wrist Theory’ though; the crowd go completely insane, and throw back each and every lyric to Brock, at times even overpowering his screams through the stage speakers.

It may have been long overdue, but 36 Crazyfists delivered the goods in Manchester. It’s gonna take a big slip-up for this band to make any dramatic fall from the pedestal they have earned to this date.

Written by Zach Redrup