We here at DEAD PRESS! always want to recruit only the best and most dedicated music fans out there. Without passion in what you do, there’s no point in doing it. So, if you live and breathe music and want to be a part of what we do here, then take a look below and see if there’s any positions available that interest you.

We do our very best to get back in touch regarding any applications within 14 days of them being submitted. However, this sometimes can take longer, depending on how busy our workload is at the time. Please, feel free to resubmit any application if this timescale has been passed.

NOTE: Please be aware that all positions on the site are currently unpaid. You will, however, receive other incentives and perks such as access to shows and festivals, meeting and interviewing bands and artists, invites to listening parties and award shows, etc.


We’re always looking for the best writing talent out there to help tell people about the hottest new bands, releases and at times (because let’s face it, it happens) the ones that need to be avoided.

If you’re interested, see if you fit the criteria below before applying.

You must have:
– A firm and strong understanding of English grammar and spelling.
– An ability to consistently stick to strict deadlines.
– Knowledge and interest in the bands and genres that we cover.
– An active interest in seeking and exposing upcoming acts.
– A keen interest in helping the site grow.
– Daily access to internet and emails.
– Comfortable writing a range of different articles, including news, reviews and features.
– Previous experience (not a neccessity, but definitely preferred).
– Ability to come up with ideas for exciting new features on a regular basis.
– Ability to keep up-to-date with news and current affairs daily.
– A firm knowledge on how to use and promote content via social media.

If the above sounds all good to you and you’re interested in applying, please send an email with the subject title ‘I WRITE GOOD’ along with your name, age, address, a 400-word album review, and feature idea to jobs@deadpress.co.uk and we’ll reply ASAP.


We’re looking at expanding our photographer team right now. If you’re looking to join the DP! team and contributing your snapshots to the site, then we want you to get in touch.

You must have:
– Own a professional/DSLR camera.
– Have at least 6 months worth of previous experience within live music photography.
– A portfolio to show, including some recent work.
– Adobe Photoshop or similar software to edit your photos.
– Being able to provide us with edited photographs to showcase on the site within 48 hours of the event (gig or festival) ending.

If you tick all the above boxes then please send an email with the subject title ‘I TAKE PHOTOS’ with your name, age, location, and link to your portfolio of work to jobs@deadpress.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.


Everyone likes video content, right? We’re looking for some videographers to join the team who’ll be recording interviews with bands for us, covering festivals, tour videos, music videos and more.

You must have
– Own HD level video camera gear.
– Previous experience with music related video content (music videos, documentaries, etc).
– Experience using video editing software (Final Cut Pro, etc).
– Able to use initiative when capturing video content, and how it’ll appear afterwards in post-production.

If this sounds all good, get in touch with us by sending us an email with the subject ‘I DO VIDEOS’ over to jobs@deadpress.co.uk along with your name, age, location, links to previous works, and any additional information that you think would be relevant.


Along with churning out some quality editorial content, we also want our site and artwork to look super snazzy. So, with this in mind, we’d like to recruit some graphic designers out there who are able to create some super snazzy and sexy art for us to make our site look fresh.

If interested then you must:
– Be able to create innovative and interesting art pieces to accompany various site content.
– Have an extensive knowledge in using programmes like Illustrator and Photoshop to create original art pieces.
– Come up with fresh and exciting ideas for new pieces to the site.

Got your name written all over this? Send us an email with the subject ‘I ART WELL’ along with your name, age, address, pieces of (recent) previous work over to jobs@deadpress.co.uk and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.