INTERVIEW: You Blew It! (26/04/2015)

Now holding a career that spans for over 15 years, Florida’s You Blew It! are one of the longest running bands on this year’s Hit The Deck Festival, who are over on our shores on tour alongside their peers The Early November and A Great Big Pile Of Leaves. With another EP recently under their belt too, the hype is far from blown for these guys so far.

Whilst at the Nottingham date of this year’s Hit The Deck Festival, we caught up with the guys to talk about their new EP ‘Pioneer Of Nothing’, how the idea of of their Weezer inspired ‘You Blue It’ EP came to be, using mobile dating app Tinder and more.

DP!: You released ‘Pioneer of Nothing’ earlier this year. How do you feel the new songs have been received in a live setting?
YBI: Pretty well. One thing you listen for is the audience’s excitement when you begin playing a song, and we’ve gotten a pretty good reaction. It’s got to be the best feeling in the world when you get good reactions to new songs that way. We’ve been very lucky for that.

DP!: The EP is your fifth to be released to date. What do you like the most about these short releases?
YBI: Short EPs are a really good way to explore new territories. The stakes aren’t as high as they would be on an LP, so it’s easier to justify going a little bit outside of our comfort zones.

DP!: Aside from being surrounded by great music, what’s the best thing about being signed to Topshelf Records?
YBI: Kevin and Seth. Those guys had been there from just about the very beginning. They’re some of the most supportive, enthusiastic dudes I know. It’s very great to be around.

DP!: Where did the idea to record ‘You Blue It’ come from?
YBI: Haha. An interviewer, actually. We were asked what we were listening to at the time, and when we replied “Weezer”, he jokingly suggested that we should do covers and call it ‘You Blue It’. We all locked eyes and our fate was sealed.

DP!: How much has Weezer inspired you as a band?
YBI: Quite a bit, but not necessarily in the way that you might think. They’re proof that great songs can be very simple. It’s said that simplicity is the most complicated thing you can do as a musician, and the restraint they have is very inspiring. It’s all very classy.

DP!: You released ‘Match & Tinder’ as part of ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’. Are you guys pretty big Tinder users?
YBI: Haha, not really. The song title is a reference to a bonfire that the story took place at. Four of the five of us have serious girlfriends or wives. Some Tumblr account called Band Dudes on Tinder posted Vila’s profile, and since then I think he’s quit, ha.

DP!: You’re currently on an EU/UK tour with A Great Big Pile Of Leaves and The Early November. What do you feel are the main differences (if any) between touring in the UK and the states?
YBI: The show experience is a lot different. Audiences over here in the UK seem to interact a bit less. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but we’re a band that really feeds off the audience’s energy, so naturally we sometimes misinterpret it as boredom or disinterest. It’s definitely something that we’ve been getting used to.

DP!: You’re also touring the US with Coheed & Cambria over the summer, which includes other festival performances. What has been your favourite festival to play to date?
YBI: FEST. It’s got to be FEST. It’s just one big friend/family reunion for us. The best weekend of the year, hands down.

DP!: What were your favourite bands to see from Hit the Deck 2015?
YBI: Besides A Great Big Pile of Leaves and The Early November, Tellison. That band is just great.

The band’s new EP, ‘Pioneer Of Nothing’, is available now through Topshelf Records. You can follow You Blew It! online on Facebook and Twitter.

Interview by Kieran Harris