INTERVIEW: The Movielife (23/10/2017)

Long Island emo punk heroes The Movielife triumphantly returned in 2014 and have slotted right back into their rightful place. Having toured and played festivals worldwide, the punk rockers are back with their first record in 14 years with ‘Cities In Search Of A Heart’ and we managed to grab a word with lead singer and songwriter Vinnie Caruana about getting the band back together, releasing the record and the differences between then and now.

DEAD PRESS!: The Movielife are back with a new album! It’s the first one since 2003, how does it feel to be releasing a new record?
Vinnie Caruana: We are dreaming. Brandon and I have a great chemistry and this is our finest moment. Making music is a blessing so we are enjoying it thoroughly.

DP!: Was there always a plan to return as a band when you split, or is this album just a natural extension of getting together and playing some shows?
Vinnie: There was no plan to return. Brandon and I reconnected and it lead to shows. This album is a result of the two of us knowing that if we didn’t write together again we’d be squandering an opportunity to create. And life is too short to not be creating and making things. We learned a lot since we last wrote together and we both empty the shed . We are extremely happy with the result.

DP!: How do you think the sound of The Movielife has evolved since ‘Forty Hour Train Back to Penn’ was released?
Vinnie: The heart, spirit, big melodies, is all still there. It’s just mixed in the bowl with added freshness and wisdom. There are so many places to can take a song and we had fun finding them.

DP!: What was the first song you wrote back for the new album? How did it compare to writing back in 2003 and writing ‘Future Feeling (Afraid Of Drugs)’?
Vinnie: The first song we started was ‘Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel’. It went through a ton of changes and evolved into what it is now. It felt very different. We were always rushing things back then. We took our time for the 1st time ever. Future feeling was an ice breaker for Brandon and I. We wrote all the lyrics and music together which we had never done. We applied it to this record. We wrote it all together and talked it all out.

DP!: Did ‘Future Feeling (Afraid Of Drugs)’ act as a test to see if a whole record would be possible? Why didn’t the song make it on to the album?
Vinnie: It was for fun. He let’s write a song. People had heard it already. We wanted all new songs, we owed it to those who have been waiting so long for a record. Putting Future Feeling on the record would have been a short cut.

DP!: ‘Cities In Search Of A Heart’ sounds so fresh and relevant within 2017 punk rock – how do you feel when people label your band as nostalgic? Does it make you mad?

Vinnie: I’m a very nostalgic person. It’s a powerful thing. All we can do is make a monster record. Which we did. We’ll always play the old stuff, but it feel so good to play some freshness.

DP!: The album has been put out by Rise Records – how did this come about?
Vinnie: They were extremely interested from the beginning. Craig is an enthusiastic fan of the band and to be honest no one else came close.

DP!: Are there any bands that you’ve played with again from the first Movielife era?
Vinnie: Kill Your Idols, The Early November, The Starting Line, GlassJaw, it’s been cool.

The band’s new album, ‘Cities In Search Of A Heart’, is out now through Rise Records.

You can purchase it online now via iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online by following them on Facebook (here), Twitter (here), and Instagram (here).

Interview by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)