GETTING INTO: French Music, As Chosen By Fire At Will

The biggest French exports our country has seen of late have found their success in the electronic market, with Daft Punk, Air and Justice all cementing themselves as household names – but the recent surge of heavy metal favourites, Gojira, has restored faith in the alternative music scene in France. So where do we look to find the new Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! or Betraying The Martyrs? Who will fly the Tricolour for the years to come? Hardcore punks Fire At Will play passionate and intense music, leading with a fast tempo and emotional shouting/singing vocals, and are ready to set Europe alight when they hit the road this Autumn.

We got the band to run us through some of the most exciting new bands that France has to offer, starting with themselves and 3 tracks from their brand new album ‘Life Goes On’.


Best tracks:

Siren Song
This song shows our punk rock roots, and deals about daily job pressure and routine VS personal achievement.

Walk The Line
This song is about living a love relationship and trying to make it last through time and hardships. The intro makes the importance giving to the bass guitar parts, obvious.

Life Goes On
‘Life goes on’ is also the new record title. This song is a “never giving up” song which is truly representative of Fire At Will’s music, mixing up together punk rock and hardcore influences.

Nine Eleven 2016

Crusty hardcore punk from Le Mans – For fans of Hatebreed

Best tracks:
Fleeing From God…
Into The Storm
Ninth Floor

Alea Jacta Est 2016

Toulouse band, playing metal music, with hardcore attitude & a punk rock mentality – For fans of Deez Nuts

Best tracks:
From Silence I Rise
Napalm For Everyone
Bullets Are Loud

Skull Soda 2016

Melodic hardcore meets pop-rock from Toulouse – For fans of Brand New

Best tracks:
Skulls And Bones
Friday Night In Town
Happy Blindness

Hightower 2016

Classic punk rock with hardcore lyrics – For fans of Gnarwolves

Best tracks:
Aqua Tiger
Under A Funeral Moon
This Is Really Neat

Topsy Turvys 2016

Fast and funny pop-punk rock – For fans of Man Overboard

Best tracks: Like A Living Dead
Stick In The Mud
Too Early To Wake Up

Fire At Will’s brand new album, ‘Life Goes On’, is available now via KROD Records, and you can keep up to date with the band on (Facebook). Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef) with contributions from Fire At Will