GETTING INTO: Basick Records, As Chosen By A Trust Unclean

Basick Records are consistently and relentlessly throwing some of the best in heavy, heavy and heavy music at us as the likes of Bury Tomorrow, Monuments and FellSilent have all been on the books at one stage and are now harbouring the talents of Create To Inspire, The Arusha Accord and Misery Signals. Now you can add A Trust Unclean to the list as they’ve just released their debut deathcore mini-album ‘Parturition’ and are looking to reciprocate the creative accolades their predecessors have accomplished. The guys in the Bicester tech death metal five piece each picked out their favourite record from Basick Records over the years to invite us to learn more about the label and the bands they’ve showcased.


As Chosen By Steven

I just really like how this CD sounds, everything is so gritty and low and intense. It’s so nice when you finally get a nice breakdown section after all that tension too and it’s hits so much harder than it normally would. I remember first hearing this and having no idea what to think, this stuff is all way ahead of it’s time and has served as a huge influence to me!


As Chosen By Mikey

I absolutely love Intervals and have done for a while, but when I heard about a record with vocals I was somewhat sceptical. However, having listened to it through, I loved it. The song writing is a little different on this CD and leaves way more space for the vocals while still keeping all the sick guitar parts intact – that taught me loads about adapting my own playing and writing!


As Chosen By Bobby

Even though this was released way back in 2012, this remains an important part of my collection. I was absolutely blown away when I saw Chimp Spanner perform in Oxford, and I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of this on vinyl! The eclectic mix of swirling down tuned riffs, mind bending solos and electronic elements all contribute to a jaw dropping album which has a great deal of replay value and the kind of musicianship on show that could almost have you convinced that Chimp Spanner are extra terrestrial.


As Chosen By Noah

I love this record because it’s a fresh take on melodic hardcore. It has the perfect blend of punchy, technical drums and complex leads that lock in perfectly with the drums and rhythm guitar. Not to mention the hard-hitting vocals that are the cherry on top of this masterpiece! The writing style of this record really makes the listener feel as if the band are all working as one unit, they all follow each other, thus creating one of the tightest, most-melodic records in their genre.


As Chosen By Kyle

One of my favourite things about this release is its shorter running time than your average album, Devil Sold His Soul‘s music carries such emotional weight behind it that at times there’s only so much I can listen to in one sitting and the format of this record perfectly fits for me. I love how this the band always seems to marry aggression and melody so uniquely and so well that you’re never quite sure what turn the song will take next and for me that’s always a good thing. Last but not least the vocals are always on point, there is never a questionable note sung nor a misplaced scream.

The band’s new mini-album, ‘Parturition’, is available now through Basick Records, and can be ordered from iTunes (here) or their official site (here).

You can follow the band via their official Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).