IN THE STUDIO: Maypine making their ‘Bend/Break’ EP!

Brighton quintet Maypine have just released their EP ‘Bend/Break’ and, although they previously played material in a more pop-punk vein, they say that the new EP should be considered their debut release, with vocalist Jase commenting, “It is a record that portrays a struggle. Not only does the lyrical content reflect this, but it was a tough record to write. It’s definitely the truest reflection of our band and the music we want to create, with a real melting pot of influences that captures our vastly different musical tastes, to really sound the way we want Maypine to sound. I think we’re all extremely proud of what we managed to create and we’re really excited for people to hear it; we can only hope that it resonates with whomsoever listens to it in the way that it does with us.” Read More