Grand Rapids based rock duo Bangups have allowed us to bring you lot the exclusive premiere of the lyric video to accompany the band’s new song, ‘Imposter’, which comes straight from the band’s recently released album, ‘Candy Cigarettes’. The video is inspired by late 80s and 90s 16-bit video games.

You can stream, watch, and sing along to ‘Imposter’ below:

Speaking of the video, drummer Brent French explained, “Most lyric videos you see are very uninspired, and boring. Joey and I were at a place where if we’re gonna create anything, it needs to give us some kind of spark, and not just be “another piece of content”. We’re both obsessed with 8-bit sounds and old arcade games, and I had the idea of having to battle and defeat this ‘Imposter’ that’s in the song.”

The band’s new full-length album, ‘Candy Cigarettes’, is available now.