EP: Years – All We Have Is Now

Release Date: August 8th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.facebook.com/YearsUK
MySpace: None available


Try searching for this band online and you’ll come up with nothing, or if you’re more patient than the average person, you’ll find yourself trawling through web-page after web-page and may, in the end, find something to do with them. It’s like sifting through mud to find gold. It will take a while, but in the end, all the effort will be worth it, and as you sit back and listen to this debut five-track EP, you’ll realise that it doesn’t matter that this band haven’t got the most unique or memorable name that would make them easy to find on search engines. They don’t need to have a memorable name. Their sound is memorable enough and as you listen to this on repeat, the name will embed itself in your mind anyway. They’re another band proving that you don’t need a ridiculous name to get noticed.

‘Here’s To You’, the EP opener, has essences of Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis, but Years manage to fit themselves into the gap between these two bands and sit there like a timid first-year amongst the sixth formers who have more attitude and respect. But, you can tell that this first-year will become well-respected in its own right once the sixth-formers have left. Give the band time to nurture their sound and they’ll hit the nail on the head with their take on the genre. This isn’t to say that their sound, on this track, doesn’t work though. It works well, but at times you want them to burst out from the weight that’s holding them down and show us that they’re capable of bringing some good old moodiness to their already established, well-structured, but at times, too easy-going sound.

‘Runaway’ is a track imaginable on a film where the boy loses the girl. Not in a cheesy way though, but in a way where you actually feel for the character. This is because of the quality of the song. Vocalist Christian Perry captures the feeling of the track perfectly with his personable vocal style, and the guitar solo, although not the most technical, works well with the lyrics, as it doesn’t over-shadow them, which is a good thing: “I don’t know why / What it is but I feel like I’ve been here before / It’s just sometimes / It feels I’m being thrown overboard”.

Years have an EP here that gets the anticipation rising fast for a band that haven’t had much said about them. It seems like they’ve been working on their sound for a while, but have only decided to come out of the shadows, and with a bit of time, the band will definitely stand out. For now though, they don’t need to rush into changing anything because it works just fine as it is. If they want to reach out to the masses, they’ll need to add a bit more pace and antagonism, but it seems like they have indeed got ‘years’ on their side.

Written by Rhys Milsom