EP REVIEW: Integrity/Krieg – Split

Release Date: August 3rd 2018
Label: Relapse Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/integrity.ht / www.facebook.com/officialkrieg
Twitter: www.twitter.com/integrity_ht/a> / www.twitter.com/blackmiasma


After much teasing, Integrity and Krieg have teamed together for a split EP, and it’s a release that extends two very different takes on an uncompromising listen.

Integrity is up first with a ten minute runtime that leaves us wondering what the hell just happened. In the space of four tracks, they showcase doom style tempos with ‘Scorched Earth’ utilising space to enforce the impact of each growl, allowing the kick of the chorus to be impactful in contrast to its verse. The slow build to its midway crescendo highlights the compositional strength of the group.

Over its duration, the guitars display exceptional variance, jumping from Slayer inspired solos, tapping, harmonised scale runs, and Iron Maiden style melodic runs. The genre melding techniques don’t stop with the guitar solos as ‘Flames Of The Immortal’ showcases blast beats, blues inspired breaks, punk infused choruses, and dynamic shifts from riffs to vocals routinely.

We soon move from one style of unrelenting metal to the other, this time in the form of black metal, courtesy of Krieg. Whilst their contribution only displays one original composition, the only one written and recorded since 2014, it’s worth every second.

‘Circle Of Guilt’ automatically changes the tone of the record with a slower pace and some guttural vocals. The ominous finger picking in the verse casts shades of Satyricon with its slow burning build up. The tension is released via galloping drums and raw screams atop frenzied tremolo picking.

Throughout the track, a blanket of brutality lays above it, regardless of the use of finger or tremolo picking, blast beats, or half time hits to drive the track. The menacing delivery of its lyrics strengthen the harrowing tone.

The other two tracks hold their own despite the excitement of its opener. ‘This Time I’ll Leave You To Drown’ showcases the ambient and experimental influences of the group with their own brand of furious delivery.

To conclude the release, a live version of ‘The Sick Winds Stir The Cold Dawn’ adds a chaotic energy to an already seething song. Slight nuances are found within this version such as the audible transition of harsh to clean vocals, and results in an uncompromising end to an uncompromising release.