EP REVIEW: All Ears Avow – Skin & Bones

Release Date: December 14th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.allearsavow.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/allearsavowband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/aeaofficial


Wiltshire’s All Ears Avow is pounding on the doors of the UK rock scene. With three EPs behind them and two stand-alone singles released just this year, the up-and-coming quartet have rounded off 2018 with their fourth EP, ‘Skin & Bones’.

Opening with the title-track, the group waste no time with both Claire Sutton and Jake Willcock running through a snappy chord progression before letting the main melody kick in. Flying through a cycling melody that evolves with harmonisation, the track bounds along, letting Sutton‘s diverse and impressive vocal range take over.

Crisp vocal harmonies shift from strong to falsetto intonations alongside clean palm-muting to hypnotising effect. The vocals become a fifth instrument throughout, with stacked vocal layers creating a blanket of harmony as the track builds to its dynamically interesting chorus.

By the time we reach the bridge, we’ve already been treated to cycling motifs, rising and falling chord progressions, scale runs and some inspired vocal inflections. As the building tension breaks, Willcock takes centre stage with a nuanced and shuffling solo before hurtling into a catchy coda of “I wanna be someone.”

With an opening track so melodically strong and dynamically dense, you could forgive the group somewhat if they went on to repeat this formula throughout, especially with Sutton‘s vocal range being more than capable to carry almost any type of track. Instead, the group decided to deviate and move into other genres.

‘Got Lucky’ showcases bassist Joe Bishop‘s ability to play in the pocket. Fuzzed out grooves and clean melodies intertwine throughout the track, with gang vocals playing call-and-response throughout.

‘Skin & Bones’ displays a group that have a strong understanding of composition alongside an inherent knack for melody. These skills, coupled with a fearless attitude for experimentation, make them a sure fire group to watch.