EP: Drederick Tatum – The John Demo

Release Date: September 1st, 2009
Label: Unsigned
Rating: 8/10

Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/dredericktatumband

Drederick Tatum profile

Talent can be found in the most surprising places, and the speed in which it grows can be just as surprising too. Drederick Tatum from the Chester/Wrexham area are a product of both said surprises, and their debut 3-track ‘The John Demo’ is a stapled piece of evidence to help support this.

As soon as that first distorted chugged note from the opening of ‘In My Neighbourhood? I Don’t Think So’ is played, up ’til the screamed outro of “We’ll live our lives in misery” in ‘They Made Worms Meat Of Me’, there’s very little – if any – breather moments for whoever’s the subject in front of the speakers. They’re tight, heavy, and about as angry as an unemployed chav who’s missed his last dole payment. Frontman Gary Challinor‘s vocals are clearly emotive, from his screams and bellows you can feel the sincerity in what he’s yelling about.

The catchiest moments of the chorus to ‘I Took Her Slam City’, the repeated “I took her to Slam City / Without remorse, without pity / This is right where she belongs / A piece of scum for us to walk along” is a dark and bitter lyric which achieves to be as catchy as chlamydia. The dual-guitar onslaught of Sim and The Shed, combined with the bludgeoning bass lines of Tom Plant, and the fast but steady drum work of Lewis is exposed at its strongest in ‘In My Neighbourhood…’, driving along the hurtful outro line “I was there for you / You weren’t there for me” to an epic climax. Though true and strong, Gary‘s vocals could be seen as a tad too ’emo’, ‘broken’, or ‘whiny’, but the sincerity of the lyrics he wraps them in more than overpowers this slight flaw.

Drederick Tatum can’t really capture their live presence in CD format alone, but if they could, I’m sure ‘The John Demo’ would at least be three times more brutal… if you can imagine it.

Written by Zach Redrup