EP: Codex Leicester – A Mad Man’s Lullaby

Release Date: May 28th, 2012
Label: Function Records
Website: www.codexleicester.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cdxleicester
Twitter: www.twitter.com/codexleicester


Codex Leicester are a four piece, formed in late 2010 who fell upon their name from ‘The Codex Leicester’; a collection of largely scientific writings from Leonardo Da Vinci. Of Da Vinci’s thirty plus journals, ‘The Codex Leicester’ is his most famous. An inspiring and interesting story behind the name choice of a band, that’s for sure.

Hailing from all four corners of Britain and now based within Leicester, Codex Leicester are a pop infused, indie rock band who have already gained support from many including XFM, NME Radio, BBC Radio and more. ‘A Mad Man’s Lullaby’ is their debut EP and the band describe it as just a snapshot of what’s yet to come from them.

It’s clear from the outset that Codex Leicester wish to utilise many genres within their work, as their rapid, scream style comes into play with ‘Strong Like Bull’. The song also utilises some interesting sound effects and drumming techniques, often verging on thrash but maintaining just enough charisma and charm to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Unusual guitar work and stop-start drumming feature heavily in ‘Hey Hey Hot Legs’, which also showcases more unconventional vocals and lyrics. It seems the band have yet to decipher whether they wish to come across as an anthemic indie-rock band or a more edgy, underground, harsher band. ‘Oh Wichita’ is a track so damn fast that it’s overly hasty. The song’s purpose is difficult to pin-point, but does music always have to have a purpose? I know one thing for sure, it would be quite the spectacle in a live setting, and that’s always fun!

Codex Leicester begin ‘Concrete:Stetson’ with unusual voice-echoing techniques before launching into another vocal assault throughout the verse. The band’s attempt at faded gang vocals is curious, it doesn’t seem to blend with the heavier metal backbone of the track and the band continue to mesmerise us with just how daring they’re being with this mish-mash of techniques and genres.

Collectively, Codex Leicester appear to have been influenced by a large number of bands, artists, styles and musical approaches which has caused them to create this beautiful amalgamation of their own sound. Whilst unconventional and definitely an acquired taste, Codex Leicester may be short of sanity, but they’re not short on talent, wading in the stuff in fact.

There’s no reason why the band can’t hit listeners on a variety of levels, even if for most that’s just sheer morbid curiosity.

Written by Cheri Faulkner

Founder & Editor for DEAD PRESS! | Atheist and antitheist. | Judge of the quick & the dead since 1989. |

Founder & Editor for DEAD PRESS! | Atheist and antitheist. | Judge of the quick & the dead since 1989. |