VIDEO: Soundgarden – Black Rain

Grunge icons Soundgarden are releasing their new album ‘Telephantasm’ next week, and they’ve just uploaded a new video online for the song ‘Black Rain’. Check it out!

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VIDEO: Vanna – Trashmouth

Vanna have released a new video for their track ‘Trashmouth’, which has a lot of partying. Don’t you wish you could party this hard? Take note though, if you don’t like vomit you might want to be hesitant to watch this.

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VIDEO: Little Fish – Whiplash

Duo Little Fish are soon to release their new single ‘Whiplash’ later this week, and they’ve got a little music video to go along with the track. Check it out!

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VIDEO: The Almost – No, I Don’t

Ex-Underoath drummer and clean vocalist Aaron Gillespie has brought out a brand new music video via his new main project he’s taking frontman duties with, The Almost. There video for the track ‘No, I Don’t’ can be seen right here which features a large walking bear who’s living pretty rough, and let’s not forget your classic high school bullying for good measure.

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VIDEO: Francesqa – Years

British pop-rocks newest contenders Francesqa have just released a new music video for their track ‘Years’. There’s lots of driving about and urban landscapes to observe in this one, so if that’s what you enjoy alongside their music then this is a winner!

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VIDEO: Miss May I – Relentless Chaos

Ever wanted to know what it’d be like to be in prison? Well, probably not, but Miss May I get a taste of it in their new music video for ‘Relentless Chaos’, taken from their new album ‘Monument’. They even have to face the electric chair, scary stuff! Take a look see:

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VIDEO: Cancer Bats – Scared To Death

One of Canada’s best imports Cancer Bats have just released a new music video for the song ‘Scared To Death’ take from their latest studio offering. It’s got that ‘smash-in-face’ value that’s always around with any Cancer Bats track, so prepare for intense audio pleasure!

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VIDEO: Pendulum – The Island

Drum & bass rock group Pendulum have just let loose their new music video for their exceedingly long track ‘The Island’, which is so long it had to be split into two different parts/tracks for the record. ‘Pt. 1 – The Dawn’ has been released as a video, with lots of desert landscape and running about. Here it is:

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VIDEO: Canterbury – Calm Down

Fast rising rock group Canterbury have just released a new music video for ‘Calm Down’ their second single which is to be released on October 25th, 2010. Check out the video here, which sees them walking about and playing in a dark and dismal basement-like area. Spooky!

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SPOTIFY: Reading/Leeds Festival 2010 playlist!

Did everyone who went to Reading and Leeds festival this year have a good time? We’re sure being back at home may be more comfy and warm but not as fun as your weekend just was, but it’s not all bad. We’ve made a playlist for all of you to relive your experience, shoving all the best artists into one chain of 37 tracks of bands and acts who played across the festival weekend. Of course not every single band that played over the weekend is on the playlist, that’d be silly and some of them were a bit rubbish. We just shoved on those that we cover on the site and think you’d appreciate the most.

If you’re a Spotify user check it out and let us know what you think of it:
Reading/Leeds Festival 2010 playlist

Festival goers enjoy, and those who didn’t go just shove this on really loud and pretend you were there. Maybe bring some mud and grass in from outside, pitch a tent in your living room, wear some wellies and drink and dance lots!

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