VIDEO: Futures – Oxygen

Up and coming rock outfit Futures have just released a new music video for their track ‘Oxygen’, gearing up for their forthcoming debut album and UK headline tour. Check it out:

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VIDEO: Foo Fighters – White Limo

Take a look at Foo Fighters‘ brand new music video for their new single ‘White Limo’. Quite humourous in classic Foo Fighters fashion, and even features a guest cameo appearance by Motorhead frontman Lemmy:

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VIDEO: Paper Tigers – Felt This Before

Stoke’s Paper Tigers have just released their debut music video for ‘Felt This Before’. It features Melissa Clarke, model for FRONT/FHM/Loaded and all those other lad mags. If for whatever reason you don’t dig the music, it’s definitely still worth checking out to see her:

This track is also available for free download from their official Facebook page All you need to do is ‘Like’ the page and then head to the BandPage tab, then click download on the player.

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VIDEO: Imperial Leisure – Dead Model

Imperial Leisure have gone all horror and ghoullish like with their new single and music video ‘Dead Model’, featuring a bunch of zombie action and also FRONT Magazine‘s model and agony aunt columnist, Von. Take a look at it here, that’s if you’re not too scared of course:

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VIDEO: Funeral For A Friend – Sixteen

Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend have just posted up their brand new music video for ‘Sixteen’, taken from their 2010 EP ‘The Young & Defenceless’ and their forthcoming album ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’. It’s got a bunch of kids fighting each other with sticks and getting up to other mischief too:

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VIDEO: Whitechapel – Breeding Violence

American brutal metal force Whitechapel have uploaded their new music video for ‘Breeding Violence’ exclusively via BlankTV. Have a look at the 3-guitar powerhouse in their natural live habitat in this video:

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VIDEO: Dr. Acula – Who You Gonna Call!? (Teaser)

New Victory Records addition Dr. Acula have released a short teaser clip for their upcoming music video, ‘Who You Gonna Call!?’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Slander’. Have a little taster of what the full thing will have to offer here:

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VIDEO: Not Advised – The A.R.K.

Southampton rising pop-punk act Not Advised have just released a new video for their track, ‘The A.R.K.’, taken from their debut EP ‘After The Fight’. It’s out just in time for their upcoming UK headline tour too, so take a look at it right here and get ready for it:

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VIDEO: Hold Your Horse Is – Forgive And Forget

Hold Your Horse Is have recently uploaded a promotional music video for their recent single, ‘Forgive And Forget’. Take a little gander here, and if you like it you can even download it for free from their official website by clicking here.

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VIDEO: InnerPartySystem – American Trash

InnerPartySystem are back with a brand new single, ‘American Trash’. If you’ve not had chance to hear it just yet, then here you can check out the track’s accompanying music video. Enjoy:

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