VIDEO: Funeral For A Friend – Serpents In Solitude

Welsh rock outfit Funeral For A Friend have just released a brand new music video for their track ‘Serpents In Solitude’, taken from their fan-funded EP, ‘The Young & Defenceless’. The band are taken to an abandoned building by a group of veiled men, who force them to play the song unconscious and film it on a little video camera too. How bloody odd:

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VIDEO: Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude

Sure to be one of the next big names in pop, songstress Jessie J has just released a music video for her first single, ‘Do It Like A Dude’. You’re sure to love something about her, whether it be her style, voice or looks. Watch her rise:

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VIDEO: blessthefall – Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted

Stepping away from the more serious vibe into comedic territories, blessthefall have gone for an almost movie-like video similar to The Hangover for forthcoming single ‘Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted’. Sure to cause a lol or two:

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VIDEO: Close Your Eyes – The Body

A sneaky deal with a suspicious briefcase in a public toilet is the makings of Close Your Eyes‘ new music video for ‘The Body’. Take a look for yourself:

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VIDEO: T. Mills – She’s Got A…

Sure to be one of the next biggest love/hate acts in the music scene, T. Mills has just released his new music video for the track ‘She’s Got A…’, take from his debut album ‘Ready, Fire, Aim!’ released a few weeks back. Take a listen and see whether you love or hate the man:

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VIDEO: Millionaires – Party Like A Millionaire

Filthy mouthed pop girls Millionaires have released a new music video for their new track ‘Party Like A Millionaire’ on MySpace music videos. Take a look at it below:

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VIDEO: Blood Red Shoes – Light It Up

Indie rock two-piece Blood Red Shoes have released a new music video for their upcoming single ‘Light It Up’. It’s fun, catchy and pretty frickin’ sweet! If you like what you hear, you can grab yourself a copy from November 29th:

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VIDEO: Slash – Beautiful Dangerous

Legendary axe-man Slash has just released a music video for his solo track ‘Beautiful Dangerous’, featuring Black Eyed Peas songstress Fergie. A rather odd combination, but could well sway fans of either the top hat equipped man or R&B vocalist to indulge with the other:

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VIDEO: Underoath – In Division

There’s not much worse than being left to drown on a sinking ship, and unluckily for Florida’s Underoath that’s exactly what happens to them in their new video for ‘In Division’. At least the band go down in style by performing this song one final time:

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VIDEO: Brokencyde – Teach Me How To Scream

Controversial 4-piece Brokencyde have just released their music video for ‘Teach Me How To Scream’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Will Never Die’. Take note: this video features booze, girls, crossdressers, and a guy dressed up as a grizzly bear. If you hated them before, you’ll still hate them now:

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