INTERVIEW: Bad Sign (02/12/2016)

Croydon three piece Bad Sign have started to pick up a lot of attention lately with their singles ‘Closure’ and ‘Intermission’ and if you’re into your underground British rock scene then you might have even had the pleasure of bumping into them on one of their many support slots this year. Nailing the combination of riffs with challenging melodic sections, Bad Sign are sure to rack up some new followers on their upcoming tours with Hacktivist and Black Peaks. We spoke to the band about their new output, touring in Europe and the state of British rock music.

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INTERVIEW: Beartooth (28/11/2016)

Two records in now and Beartooth are making a real impression on the rock and metal world. The rise of the Ohio band has been monstrous since their debut EP ‘Sick’ back in 2013, and off the back of the brilliant ‘Aggressive’ Beartooth are hitting UK venues before the end of the year. We caught up with guitarist Taylor Lumley to talk about how the band got on in 2016.

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INTERVIEW: Ash (21/11/2016)

Back in 1996, Ash released their No. 1 record ‘1977’ that spawned hit singles ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘Girl From Mars’ and ‘Goldfinger’, and led to the Northern Irish band becoming one of the biggest garage rock bands in the UK. 20 years on, the band are celebrating the anniversary by touring the record in full – we caught up with drummer Rick McMurray to chat about the legacy of the album and what fans can expect at the special shows.

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INTERVIEW: Hands Like Houses (01/10/2016)

It’s not often that over time a band decides to get heavier with their releases of material. If anything, it tends to go in the entirely opposite direction. Australian boys Hands Like Houses, however, proved themselves to be a rare exception to the rule with their third album, ‘Dissonants’.

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INTERVIEW: Ben Hiard @ Pop Bubble Rock! (30/09/2016)

It’s not often that a club night – and an independently run one at that – can manage to not only survive, but thrive when they’re ten years down the line. Not ones to stick the social norms, trends, and what all the cool kids are up to, Manchester’s Pop Bubble Rock! has managed to hit the decade milestone by just being themselves: a club night dedicated to catchy tunes, party times, and some pizza and cake to go with it too.

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INTERVIEW: Emarosa (27/09/2016)

Anyone who has any background knowledge on Kentucky melodic rockers Emarosa will be more than aware of their well-documented and turbulent past. Following the recruitment of frontman Bradley Walden (ex-Squid The Whale) back in 2014, it was almost as if they were reborn. Now four albums deep with the release of ‘131’, their second since Walden‘s joining, it finally seems as if the band are fully back on their feet to pick up where they left off.

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INTERVIEW: The Lounge Kittens (09/09/2016)

Lounge cover Queens The Lounge Kittens have become firm favourites in all corners of the rock world with their performances at festivals such as Stone Free, Download and Isle of Wight, and are finally ready to release their debut record ‘Sequins & C-Bombs’. With arrangements for tracks by Bowie, AC/DC and Drowning Pool, the upcoming release from the Southampton trio have become the cheekiest and most fun cover band on the circuit. We managed to catch up with Zan (the pink one) to chat about how they pick their track listing, crowd-funding for music and more.

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INTERVIEW: Black Peaks (04/09/2016)

Brighton’s Black Peaks have been making serious waves this year since the release of their debut album ‘Statues’ and have just set off on a mammoth co-headline run with the ever-terrifying HECK. We caught up with Will, Joe and Andrew from the band to get their account of this whirlwind year.

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INTERVIEW: Famous Last Words (30/08/2016)

If you’re into your post-hardcore with crashing metalcore thrown in, then you’ll be licking your lips in excitement for Famous Last Words‘ new album ‘The Incubus’ which is set to drop this September. We grabbed vocalist JT Tollas for a quick chat about how the band adapted their writing process, how people are reacting to their new material and who they would love to tour with.

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INTERVIEW: We Are Carnivores (01/08/2016)

Crazy Nottingham trio We Are Carnivores have just released their follow-up to 2014’s ‘Tex-Mexiconomy’ to a wave of rumblings and excitement in the underground world of rock music, as they prove that wacky and unpredictable is just what we need in 2016. We caught up with the band to talk about ‘Theodor’s A Don, Bro’, how they manage to create their distinct sound and whether it’s possible to brand them with a genre.

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