INTERVIEW: Moose Blood (25/05/2015)

The rise of the more emotional punk and melodic rock over recent years has certainly been an impressive one, seeing forerunners Brand New being followed by a plethora of bands taking a similar route; the return of American Football and breakthrough of La Dispute, to name but a few. Canterbury’s Moose Blood are but one of these exceptional recent success stories, who are still high on the waves of success from their debut album, ‘I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time’, and securing a headline spot on the Fresh Blood stage at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival.

Whilst at the Midlands date of the festival in Wolverhampton, we caught up with guitarist Mark Osborne to talk about their recent UK/European tour with Man Overboard, the reception they received for their debut album, and more.

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INTERVIEW: Zebrahead (25/05/2015)

Punk rock, pop-punk and ska punk are easily the genres that Slam Dunk Festival is known and respected for hosting and promoting, despite their inclusion of other genres during its growth over the years. One of its regulars are the fun loving Californian punks Zebrahead, who are now eleven full-lengths into their career, with the latest looking back at their roots with the aptly titled ‘The Early Years – Revisited’.

Whilst at the Midlands date of the festival in Wolverhampton, we caught up with guitarist Dan Palmer to talk about the past two dates of Slam Dunk, their split with Japanese outfit Man On A Mission, revisiting their earlier work, and more.

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INTERVIEW: Trash Boat (25/05/2015)

Over the years, much like a lot of other genres, the face and shape of pop-punk has changed, with more outfits opting for more punk over pop than the pop over punk that the likes of Blink-182 and Yellowcard would go for. One of the UK’s rising stars in this new wave of the genre are Trash Boat, who’ve just just dropped their second EP, ‘Brainwork’, before opening up Slam Dunk Festival for the weekend.

Whilst at the Midlands date of the festival in Wolverhampton, we caught up with the guys to talk about their summer ahead, their recent ‘Brainwork’ EP, joining the Hopeless Records label roster and a bunch more.

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INTERVIEW: Patent Pending (25/05/2015)

New York’s Patent Pending are one of the few pop-punk bands from across the pond as of late who are really started to make a name for themselves on our shores. In the past few years since they released their album ‘Brighter’, coupled with a few tours supporting their friends in Bowling For Soup, it seems like the UK is almost like the bands second home. If nothing else, a set at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival confirms that.

Whilst at the Midlands date of the festival in Wolverhampton, we caught up with frontman Joe Ragosta about video game icon Super Mario, playing festivals like Slam Dunk and Soundwave, and a bunch more.

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INTERVIEW: Reel Big Fish (25/05/2015)

Few bands hold a status in the fun ska punk scene quite like Reel Big Fish, a band who’ve been going strong since 1991, carrying in tow their guitars, bass, drums, party lyrics and brass instruments for nine full-length albums to date. They’re no strangers to Slam Dunk Festival, having been a part of the festivities on several occassions now, and this year is now exception to keeping them as line-up regulars.

Whilst at the Midlands date of the festival in Wolverhampton, we caught up with frontman Aaron Barrett and trombonist Billy Kottage to talk about playing festivals, choosing their setlist via a Wheel of Fortune system, their thoughts regarding the growth and change of their fanbase during their career, and more.

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INTERVIEW: Brawlers (26/04/2015)

Having only formed a couple of years ago and slowly slipping out a couple of songs in the form of ‘Mothers & Fathers’ and ‘Instagram Famous’, Leeds outfit Brawlers have truly burst onto the scene with a force of passion and finesse that many bands even twice as experienced as they are struggle to emulate. Now with an EP and a recent debut full-length under their belts, it seems like this is just the beginning.

As the boys also managed to secure a set at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival in Nottingham, we caught up with frontman Harry Johns at the Nottingham date to talk about finally having an album out there, how tour life has been, his experience in previous bands, and a few other things too.

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INTERVIEW: Dead Harts (26/04/2015)

Coming forth with a raucous punk edged hardcore style akin to the likes of Cancer Bats, Trash Talk, Feed The Rhino, Gallows and Every Time I Die with their high-energy live presences alongside it to boot, Sheffield’s Dead Harts are certainly one of Britian’s more exciting up-and-comers. With their latest full-length ‘Cult For The Haggard Youth’ as proof of that alone, they’re fast becoming regular festival bookings too.

Whilst at the Nottingham date of this year’s Hit The Deck Festival, we caught up with guitarist Matt Pask and drummer Anthony Allen to talk about their set, their love for playing live and a lot more.

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INTERVIEW: As It Is (26/04/2015)

Having managed to soar out from the underground and bagging a record deal with Fearless Records, covers on magazines, collecting a huge fanbase and dropping their debut album ‘Never Happy, Ever After’, the rise of Brighton’s As It Is over the past few months has been nothing short of impressive. It seems like they’re quickly becoming a staple name in the modern pop-punk scene.

Whilst they were at Hit The Deck in Nottingham, we spoke with guitarist/vocalist Ben Biss and drummer Patrick Foley to see how they’re handling all of the recent success, how it feels to finally have a full-length album under their belts, and what they’ve got planned for the rest of 2015.

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INTERVIEW: Decade (26/04/2015)

Bath outfit Decade seem to almost never be off the road, and already collecting up a roster of sharing the stage with the likes of The Used, Brawlers, Set It Off, A Day To Remember and Don Broco to name just a few alongside several festival appearances, a slot at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival comes across as an absolute sinch. With a few new songs sneaking into their setlist too, it looks like album number two isn’t far away either.

Whilst at Hit The Deck in Nottingham, we spoke with vocalist Alex Sears and guitarist Connor Fathers to catch up on their life on the road, work on their upcoming sophomore full-length, and a few other things.

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INTERVIEW: Desolated (06/04/2015)

Hate moshing, or crowd killing, or whatever you want to call it has become a topic of much polarising opinions and debates within the scene of hardcore and heavy music. One of the biggest advocates and ambassadors of this particular movement within the UK is Southampton’s Desolated and, with new album ‘The End’ impending for September, it seems like the juggernaut has only just started.

We caught up with frontman Paul Williams and guitarist Rich Unsworth to talk about their recent time on tour, what they’ve got planned for the upcoming months, what to expect when ‘The End’ finally drops later this year, their preference between gigs and festivals, and more.

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