INTERVIEW: Misery Signals @ The Sugarmill, Stoke (24/01/2009)

Date: January 24th, 2009
Venue: The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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Misery Signals profile

Brought along on the Europe headlining tour with Architects, Misery Signals are here to support the Brighton band in delivering brutal hardcore metal to the UK fans. DEAD PRESS! were invited into The Sugarmill rock club venue to have a chat with guitarist Stuart Ross in the main room:


Zach: So, how’s the tour been going so far?
Stuart: It’s been really good. It’s been awesome actually. I mean, erm, it’s only been like – actually it’s been like two weeks. It’s been fun.

Zach: Are you pleased with how your latest album ‘Controller’ turned out?
Stuart: Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean as far as like just the songwriting and the overall production of it, I really like it.
Zach: Do you prefer it to your other albums?
Stuart: Oh yeah, definitely.

Zach: What’s your favourite song to play live?
Stuart: Erm… I don’t know man. I like playing ‘A Certain Death’, which was like the song we did a video for, for the record. Erm, basically anything off the new record I like playing right now. It’s exciting to just play some new material.

Zach: What’s your least favourite song to play live?
Stuart: Er, good question right there [laughs]. Erm, like in our whole entire – out of all our songs?
Zach: Yeah, yeah.
Stuart: Erm, probably – there’s this song called ‘Something Was Always Missing’, and it was never – I don’t like playing that song live. It’s kind of boring.

Zach: How would you compare touring in the UK with touring back in the US?
Stuart: Erm, it’s definitely got its similarities. I think the US is like kind of a little easier, just ’cause – well, a lot of the US we do in a van, so it’s a lot easier to like go places and not kind of be stuck near the club all day. But ’cause we don’t do a bus in the States like we do over here – it’s just easier for everybody to just travel together. But erm, people definitely have their positives. The kids here are a lot more like appreciative of the bands I find, erm, so yeah.

Zach: What have been the best and worst live experiences so far?
Stuart: On the tour?
Zach: On any tour.
Stuart: Yesterday sucked shit. Erm, just like; I broke a string, the mics were shitting out, some kid climbed onstage and knocked some shit over. Yesterday was a mess, but er, the best shows on this tour so far have probably been actually some of the smaller ones, like Exeter and er… what else was really good? Fuck, sorry I can’t remember what it was, I can’t remember for the life of me. Exeter was really good, and Colchester was cool, and Glasgow was awesome – Glasgow is always awesome, and er, Edinburgh was good too, but yeah.

Zach: Where does the band name come from?
Stuart: I wasn’t actually in the band when they named the band, but from what I understand it was just like a matter of when they named the band they wanted to start it – they wanted to add the word ‘misery’ in it somewhere, whatever. And then I guess ‘signals’ is sort of like a representation of the music I guess, if that makes any sense [laughs].

Zach: How do you think things are going to go tonight?
Stuart: It should be good. I mean this is like the fifth time we’ve played this club, erm, pretty much know what to expect. I mean the shows have been good, and then the kids will go ballistic for Architects, so I’m sure it’ll be the same as every other night. It should be good.

Zach: Finally, what other plans do Misery Signals have for 2009?
Stuart: Tonnes man, we er – the day after this tour we go to Australia, and then from there we go to New Zealand. Then we have a few weeks off, and then we’re doing some dates in like South East Asia, like er, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong. Then we play Tokyo for this festival, then we come back over to mainland Europe with er, Comeback Kid, and Bane, and Architects again for like two weeks. Then we go back and do a US tour with Architects, and er, I think Protest The Hero. And then after that we go into Canada, and we’re taking Architects with us into Canada. We’re doing like a headliner in Canada. Busy, that’s all the way up until like… I guess June. So, the next two months are busy, yeah.

As soon as it was done Stuart went back to preparing for the show that evening, whilst DEAD PRESS! headed back out the way they came to queue up for the intense show that was surely ahead of them.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: The Last Alive @ Weatherspoons, Northwich (08/04/2009)

Date: April 8th, 2009
Venue: Weatherspoons, Northwich
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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The Last Alive profile

You can sometimes find musical talent in some of the most secluded and unknown places. Northwich isn’t a very well-known town in the heart of Cheshire but hosts many talented and locally loved music acts, including The Last Alive. From the ashes of the now defunct I Left You For Summer (previously interviewed by this site), the band meet up with DEAD PRESS! in a local Northwich pub to talk about their upcoming tour, their debut EP release, the previous band, and golden eggs?:


Zach: In your own personal opinions, how would you describe The Last Alive and its sound?
Stu: It’s quite hard to describe, but I’d say the best – you know, to sum it up, is post-hardcore, indie/ambient. We like ambience.
Rob: It’s kind of – it is heavy but without being like, erm – it’s like it’s heavy without metal.
Zach: Without the brutality.
Rob: It’s like heavy bits, but erm, like – kind of like taking a pop song and making it heavy, rather than sort of beating on everyone’s…
Stu: Beating on everyone’s beatdowns.
Rob: Beating on everyone’s beatdowns metal-style, yeah. Kind of – I suppose sort of heavy but not in like a metal way.
Stu: No bree. No bree.
Zach: No bree.
Rob: Bree free.
Stu: Bree free.
Zach: No ‘rape your Nan music’?
[the band laughs]
Rob: No, we’re trying to get away from like the screamo genre aswell, erm, and we’ve done that by sort of not screaming [laughs]. Erm, I don’t know how best to sort of describe it ’cause it’s quite a cerebral sound, erm –
George: I’d say that we’re like kind of atmospheric.
Rob: Yeah.
Stu: It’s just a nice all rounded-off heavy rock.
Rob: It’s just post-hardcore. It’s just rock music, isn’t it?
Stu: It’s lovely, that’s what it is.
Rob: It’s lovely stuff.
Stu: Next question [laughs].

Zach: What would you say are your main influences?
Stu: Ooooh.
Rob: Thursday as a collective.
Stu: Geoff Rickly is sort of like a lollipop that you can’t stop licking.
Rob: There’s loads of bands – there’s tones of bands that we listen to, erm, but –
Stu: Emarosa.
Rob: Nahh, I wouldn’t class Emarosa as an influence.
Stu: Err! I think you would.
Rob: Well, not me. But like, I dunno, I’m really into Circa Survive, and –
Stu: But we’re not.
Rob: We’re into like Thursday and stuff. We’re all into different stuff I think. I mean –
George: I mean I take mine from Taking Back Sunday and The Used. So that’s where I bring mine in.
Rob: I kinda like erm…
Stu: I like erm, Flobots.
Zach: ‘Handlebars’?
Stu: Yeah ‘Handlebars’, brilliant song that is [laughs]. No, our direct influence is probably like Thursday. Our all-in-one influence is Thursday… ’cause of Geoff Rickly, and the lollipop scenario.

Zach: How’ve you developed The Last Alive from I Left You For Summer?
Stu: We –
Rob: Stopped screaming.
Stu: We chose to develop on weak areas, and demolish weak areas. We just thought – we just talked about what went wrong, didn’t we?
Rob: We essentially just kind of thought like every band has like a thing where erm, you’ll have like sort of singing in the verse and then like the screaming in the chorus, and then it’ll kind of break down, and like literally every band does that and we didn’t actually do that well. I suppose it was kind of just we were getting bored of being generic, and –
Stu: Wanted to break free.
Rob: Yeah. We just kind of – all the bands that we actually love and respect like Thursday don’t do that. They all kind of do their own weird thing, and we don’t want to be a band that’s sort of like categorised into one thing.
Stu: Like Geoff Rickly – if he really wanted to – he would go onstage in a goose suit, and he’d pull it off.
Rob: He could pull it off, he could pull off a goose suit.
Stu: Yeah, but basically we just cut out the cheese. Hang on, we have like imposter cheese. Do you know like cheese slices?
Zach: As in the ones that aren’t really cheese?
Stu: Yeah, but I’m talking about proper cheese. Basically we wanted to turn a normal average egg into a golden egg, and we discussed how to do that. It involved gold-plating [laughs].
Rob: We’ve put more focus probably on instrumentation, because the last band was very vocally-driven.
Stu: Yeah, me and Steve decided to lock ourselves in a cave, and in that cave we came up with loads of new atmospheric sort of – we just messed around with delays and… shizzle.
Rob: Yeah, ’cause it was quite – I mean vocals were quite at the forefront with the other band.
Stu: Yeah, everything else was quite basic wasn’t it?
Rob: And everything was – and like I would kind of write things to go on top of their sort of structures and stuff, and rather than doing things that way ’round we kind of – you know, these two locked themselves in a room for about a week.
Stu: We made love several times, but that didn’t come into it.
George: Yeah, I got bumped on the head.
Stu: Yes.
Rob: That’s how we write our songs, with a lot of love.

Zach: Where do you think you’d be now if you decided to keep I Left You For Summer going?
Stu: In the bin.
Rob: In the bin in the back.
Stu: In a really big bin. To be honest, let’s explain the I Left You For Summer thing; it went wrong because, as we’ve already said, we weren’t really into the music anymore in the way that – the whole screamo and generic, erm, traits we were –
Rob: We were getting bored of being labeled as like –
Stu: Well not – not only that, but the whole – you know, we have this, erm – everyone seems to think that we got rid of two members, but we actually didn’t. We actually called that band a day, like we didn’t announce it really, but we called it a day for these reasons –
Rob: ’cause there was loads of other reasons, like we weren’t really – you know, we weren’t happy as a band anymore, we weren’t – nobody was having any fun, and that’s the point of being in a band isn’t it? Just to have fun.
Stu: But we didn’t intend to go – like, The Last Alive wasn’t ever the plan after I Left You For Summer.
Rob: No, no it wasn’t. We’d literally finished – I think we were tracking for an album, and erm, we got – I think we got one finished song done, and you know, we put it out and nobody liked it, and we couldn’t understand why, and we all got –
Stu: It wasn’t that. I don’t think we liked it deep down, well I didn’t anyway.
Rob: I fucking love it. I actually really liked it. No, it’s just like we put this song out and we didn’t get much response from it, and that’s probably our fault for not promoting it, but it was kind of like that sort of –
Stu: Pushed it over the edge a little bit.
Rob: It pushed you, ’cause you know, Stuart mixes and produces all of our stuff, and it kind of like, you know – it just knocked all of our confidence.
Stu: We weren’t feeling confident. It was sort of – that song was the only thing that was gonna save us. If that song was gonna do well we might have been a bit better, but if the band was still here now I couldn’t see much lifespan, because we weren’t into it, and unfortunately – we enjoyed it while it lasted.
Rob: Something would have had to have majorly kicked it off, like – something like, if we had ended up putting the album out, and it was good and it had gone down well, and maybe we’d had some sort of… attention.
Stu: But even then I don’t think the heart was there, was it? We weren’t really into it.
Rob: It was just sort of like really – like I said, loads of bands do the screaming thing, and we weren’t very good at it. Simple as that really.
Stu: Yeah, we decided to call it a day.

Zach: Are you guys planning to play any of the old I Left You For Summer songs live or re-record them at all?
Stu: Ooh no.
Rob: That’s funny though. That’s funny though, because –
Stu: You suggested that –
Rob: I suggested that we sort of re-did one that we had put out.
Stu: It was the last one.
Rob: It’s the last one, the very last song.
Stu: ‘That’s A Stylish Way To Hit The Ground’.
Rob: Yeah, just ’cause I like it so much. But we probably won’t.
Stu: I’m not so sure that we will.
Rob: We’re not gonna do that, but if we were it probably would have been just a re-working.
Stu: Well, like I saying to Rob, I think we want to bury that band now and just move on because although it was brilliant while it lasted, there’s no point you know, reliving what we’ve already done. We may aswell progress.
Rob: And get more than three kids at our shows.
Stu: Hey, we had quite a lot of kids. They weren’t children, but they’re still kids.
Rob: [laughs] Kids are kids.
Stu: I like kids. I mean…
[the band laughs]
Stu: I like anyone who comes to our shows. I don’t care how ugly or old they are.

Zach: You’ve got a new EP coming out soon. What can you tell us about that?
Stu: It’s amazing.
Rob: We’ve just finished tracking it today. Well, tracking not mixing.
Stu: It’s left to me to mix it now, but I’m quite excited about it actually. It’s erm –
Rob: Like I said before, heavy but not in a shitty metal way. Like taking a pop song and sort of making it heavy. I don’t know, it’s definitely – it’s not going to be the same as you’ve heard on MySpace if you’ve even heard it. Like, we’ve put up two tracks on MySpace and they’re kind of like, like erm…
Stu: I class them as the boring ones.
Rob: Yeah they are, they’re the boring ones. It’s going be a 5-track EP. What else can I say about it really? It sounds – I’m really happy with it at least. I mean it’s just –
Stu: I think we all are.
Rob: Yeah.
George: I like – I really enjoy playing all of the songs on there.
Rob: Erm, what else can I say about it really? It’s not a – I don’t think it’s as generic as anything we’ve put out before, it’s quite individual. The feedback that we’ve had so far is that it’s kind of like – like some kids have said it’s – they haven’t heard anything like it.
Stu: They’ve said like that we’re quite original.
Rob: Yeah, originality, and that’s something I think we’ve carried on through the songs. The three songs that you haven’t heard – we’re gonna put one up in a couple of weeks – are probably a little bit more aggressive, but not, you know –
Stu: Not in a heavy way.
Rob: Not in a heavy way. Just in like layering things, and erm, we’ve done a lot of work with the vocals, and a lot of work with the guitars.
Stu: It’s brill.
Rob: Yeah, it’s good stuff.
Stu: Like Brylcreem.
Rob: Like Brylcreem? [laughs]

Zach: Are any of the songs or ideas of the songs taken from what was meant to be the I Left You For Summer album?
Stu: No. A lot of people have said this aswell, no.
Rob: No, they’re not. It’s all new, it’s all new stuff. Yes we had ideas, and yes we probably wanted to take some of them a little bit further, but like it’s a totally different sounding band, and those songs wouldn’t work on what we’ve written. So no, it’s brand new.
Stu: I did start – right, the writing started while that band was still together, but not between the band. It was sort of like new ideas were being made by individuals at home. We never sort of spoke about them because we were still concentrating on the I Left You For Summer album. But then as soon as that was over, we realised that we had this bucket-full of ideas. So yeah, we went ahead with that then, and came up with this beautiful golden egg.

Zach: Would you say ‘This Is Your Escape Route’ is a fitting title for the EP, escaping I Left You For Summer to The Last Alive?
Rob: I never thought of it like that, but yeah. Erm, the title for the – ‘This Is Your Escape Route’ – that is based on, well it’s kind of like a theme that I had in play in a song called ‘Play Dead’, and it’s kind of like giving up something you like doing for like a 9:00 to 5:00 job or something. It’s just kind of like casting away your dreams as it were, and that’s corny to say, but like – I don’t know, that’s what I get from it anyway, ‘This Is Your Escape Route’.
Stu: I’ve never thought about it.
Rob: Well yeah, it can mean anything. Like, I try to write the lyrics so that they’re applicable to anyone.
Stu: Obviously humans.

Zach: What would you say makes you stand out from the crowd from the rest of the Cheshire music scene?
Stu: Ahh, good question.
Rob: Everything, and nothing at the same time.
Stu: We’re quite, erm –
Rob: Song structures out of the window. We don’t have a set song structure, and I think that’s really cool, because like we don’t have verses and choruses, we have like – you’re never going to expect the same thing twice from us I think, in the way that like we’re never going put out a song that’s got like a verse, a chorus, a verse, like an outro or whatever.
Stu: No standard sort of –
Rob: No, it’s crazy stuff that we do like in these songs, like –
George: Everything we do just flows.
Rob: Does it flow though? Well, yeah, I mean –
George: The way that it comes out.
Rob: Obviously we’re not trying to make a mess of the songs, but like we like to keep ourselves sort of –
Stu: Changing things.
Rob: Changing things, chopping and changing things, and like cutting things out and moving it over here –
Stu: And over there.
Rob: Over there. Here, there, and everywhere. I don’t know like, erm, I don’t know how best to put it really, like, we don’t want to be a band that’s sort of like boring to listen to. Like, you can listen to a song once because it’s got like a verse or a set structure, and kind of figure out the song. But I think you have to sort of – without sounding pretentious like digest our songs.
Stu: Like a burger. I think we’re different live aswell, we’re not – we don’’like to be stood still, even if it means at 6′ 6″ you’re the pick-axe.
[the band laughs]
Rob: Oh god, the height issue.
Stu: Yeah, I thought it was a good thing Rob.
Rob: So do I, I think it’s a brilliant thing.
Stu: The pick-axe will come out. No, we like to give a good show, we don’t like to bore people. We like – we aim to come off dripping wet, and struggling to breathe.

Zach: How would you describe the local Cheshire music scene as you know it today?
Stu: Actually, there’s – there’s been some good bands coming out. I mean we’ve got Thought Explode, the new Honour The Fallen, I, Said The Spy –
Rob: There’s quite a diverse range, and like I’m not going to sort of slag off any bands that are around at the moment ’cause they’re all really good at what they do, and the one thing we’re trying not to do though is be part of a scene. The fact that there’s pop-punk, and hardcore and stuff, and like there’s loads of those bands and we’re kind of in the middle doing that.
Stu: I think that – I think for many years that there wasn’t much going on, was there? There wasn’t much decent things going on around the area, but now we’ve had – I think it’s coming back now, I do.
Rob: I don’t think it is. What? Our sort of post-hardcore thing?
Stu: No, I think just generally. Even if it’s not our genre, just decent bands, you know, a more professional sort of approach to things. Even though – you know, even if it’s not our style of music there’s still –
Rob: Yeah, there’s a lot of good bands out there.
Stu: They’re good at what they do.

Zach: Are there any local bands you think people should check out?
Rob: Honour The Fallen.
Stu: Honour The Fallen, Thought Explode.
Rob: Reclamation.
Stu: I, Said The Spy.
George: The Last Alive.
[the band laughs]
Stu: The Last Alive. My mind’s gone blank.
Rob: Who was that really good band from Manchester? Erm… I can’t think of it, erm.
Stu: Some good bands.
George: Just – just those ones, check those ones out.

Zach: In terms of live performance, what can people expect from you on your upcoming tour who are yet to see you in action?
Stu: Ohhh.
Rob: Sweat. Rock and roll, rock and roll.
George: Yeah, I’ll trash myself every night.
Rob: George goes mental.
George: Yeah, my hands on our first practice after learning just ‘This Is Your Escape Route’ as – as our first practice, you know, just to wind-up for it – I blew my hands up doing it. Just they’d all callused up – they all callused up and blistered, but they blew up while I was playing.
Stu: I found one of his fingers stuck on my door. It’d blown out the window.
Rob: The first three practices, all of us got hurt.
George: Yeah, that’s true.
Rob: Like, I don’t understand what happened.
George: Wasn’t one of us that didn’t get hurt.
Rob: Actually I haven’t been hurt. I haven’t been hurt yet.
Stu: Steve got his face ripped off by a treadmill, George‘s hands. There was a heart attack.
George: You [Stu] had a heart attack.
Rob: There’s a blog on MySpace about that. You had pretty much a heart attack.
Stu: And you’ve written a song about it, which is on the EP.
Rob: Yeah. On the EP there’s a song called ‘Cocaine White’, which is about our fun time at the hospital.
Stu: It actually scared me.
Zach: Really?
Rob: I actually had a mint time at the hospital.
Stu: After I thought I was okay, I started enjoying it.
Steve: There’s everything you need there; coffee machines, sweet machines, and beds.
Zach: In America, they’ve got McDonalds in the hospitals.
George: Ah no way!
Zach: Yeah, on Super Size Me they show it. There’s just like a McDonalds inside it. So you know, when your heart is clogging up, just go downstairs and get a McDonalds, you know.
Rob: It was awesome. I mean once you stopped panicking and that, like it was good.
Steve: Once you knew you wasn’t going to die.
Stu: Yeah.
George: That’s just so hypocritical, isn’t it? You know, we’re just promoting health but we’ll shove a McDonalds there.
Stu: Yeah, but it was fun though, I did enjoy it. It was good – it was a good band exercise.
Steve: I was the ambulance.
Stu: Yeah, Steve was the ambulance, Rob was the carer.
George: I stayed at home.
Stu: I was the victim.
George: I stayed at home and cleared up, so that was it.
Stu: George was the cleaner.
Rob: We didn’t get in ’til like 1:00 or 2:00 o’clock in the morning.
Stu: Oh, it was brilliant, honestly.
Rob: It was fucking awesome.
Stu: If I can give you any advice, if it happens, just call one of us up and we’ll come with you. It’s amazing.
Rob: Yeah, there’s a song directly related – well, not directly, there’s other stuff it’s about, but that’s how I wrote the skeleton of the song.
Stu: In the song he tells me I’ve got no chance.
[the band laughs]
Rob: Yeah, you’ll have to wait for that. Yeah, ‘Cocaine White’.

Zach: What dates are you most looking forward to on your tour?
Stu: Academy 3.
Rob: Fucking Academy 3. If you want tickets fucking, you know, give us a call, we’ve got ourselves seventy. Erm, a couple in Glasgow.
Stu: Yeah, we’re looking forward to Glasgow, and Edinburgh.
Steve: The Black Market.
Stu: And The Black Market, yeah. Ever heard of something like that, Black Market?
Rob: Where else? Where else are we playing that’s good?
George: I’m just happy to get out there. Every gig is going to be good for me.
Stu: Really looking forward to getting in our van, and just being the most –
Rob: Being idiots on tour.
Stu: Ahh, we’re just going to – we’re going be in pain the whole time, it’s going to be brilliant. We’re going to write things on the van aswell, and try and get arrested as many times as possible.
Zach: That’s your goal? To get arrested on tour?
Stu: It’s quite an easy goal to reach.
Rob: “Oh, we can’t play the show tomorrow ’cause Stu‘s in a cell.”
Stu: Or, give me a wireless, and I’ll play in the cell.

Zach: Are there any bands or artists that you really want to tour with at some point?
Rob: Thursday.
Stu: Yeah, obviously.
Rob: Erm, it’d be cool to tour with like [I, Said The] Spy wouldn’t it, I suppose?
Stu: They’re not in our –
Rob: Well no, but, they’d be fun guys to tour with.
Stu: We love people who like us, and we like them, so we like to just hang out with… alright, I’m rubbish at this.
Rob: Erm, yeah alright, erm, I’m just trying to think of a good band, like –
George: We want to play with big bands.
Stu: We love people.
Rob: Like, something like – to tour with something like Flood Of Red would be cool, or Yashin, or something like that.
Stu: With someone who’s quite established in our genre.
Rob: Basically anyone really that wants to take us out on tour, we’ll go on tour with.
Stu: Who are nice guys and play decent music.
Rob: Yeah, they’ve got to be nice.
Stu: And we like people who like us, and we like them –
Rob: You’ve said that once already!
Stu: I’m trying to stop being the silent one.

Zach: What are you hoping to achieve by this time next year?
Stu: Oh, I know what I want to achieve.
Rob: I don’t know, erm, I want a good live – like a really, really solid live performance.
Stu: I want to achieve some, erm – I’d like to be a band who could, you know, support ourselves and just keep doing it. It’s so hard to keep doing it.
Rob: It’d be cool if we were like on a bigger tour, or it’d be cool if we – obviously it’d be cool if we got some tour.
Stu: I think it’d be cool if we just got our name out wouldn’t it?
Rob: Yeah, that’s the aim. Just to play shows, tour, and get the name out.

Zach: Any final words that you’d like to say?
Rob: Ribidy-dib.
Stu: Ribidy-dob.
Rob: Fuck yeah, ribidy-dib.
Steve: Close.
Stu: We might sound strange, but we are actually nice guys who love you.
Rob: We just talked over ourselves, like three people.
George: I’d like to see him get that one out.
Stu: No, come to our gigs, have a chat with us, and we’ll probably chat to you back… even though I’ll throw eggs at you.
Zach: Golden eggs?
Stu: Golden eggs! Nah, they’re too valuable. Do you know how long it takes to get a golden egg?

After finishing their burgers and drinks, The Last Alive bid their goodbyes and thanks to DEAD PRESS! for their time before heading for a new promo photoshoot. Local acts are always unappreciated for the amount of effort they need to put into setting themselves up for anything new. The Last Alive have got their heads screwed on, and if luck is on their side the new upcoming EP and tour might score them something they rightfully deserve – even if it’s something as small as a larger and very comitted fanbase.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: I Left You For Summer @ Salford University, Manchester (14/11/2009)

Date: November 14th, 2008
Venue: Salford University, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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Stream: YouTube

Website: None available

I Left You For Summer profile

It’s always nice when you come across a very small underground band that sounds like they’re 10 times bigger and more successful than they are, or even if this same band is just one that you’re proud to know and support and it’s rarity to find anyone else who’s even heard of their name before, let alone have an opinion on their sound. Cheshire’s I Left You For Summer are just one of those bands for a lot of their fans in their local area, and DEAD PRESS! has managed to chat with the band’s bassist Nick Barlow about their upcoming full-length debut album, along with a few other things here and there:


Zach: How’re things going in I Left You For Summer right now?
Nick: It’s all good really, erm, there’s a lot of change going on recently. Our old drummer quit, he left us. He wasn’t really enjoying the band, so we’ve just recently got a new drummer in. Erm, we’re planning for a new album aswell.

Zach: How’s the new album coming along?
Nick: Sweet as, we’re all so happy with it. Just like what we’ve done with it, and how we’ve experimented with our – with our sound is really different. We’ve taken bands like – and influences from like Underoath, and bands like Emarosa, and Thursday. It’s a bit more different from the other stuff, we’re exploring more of a heavier side I’d say, but quite more melodic. Rob‘s really working on his voice this time aswell, so expect different things with the vocals, and with everything else really.

Zach: Are there any names floating about for it?
Nick: There are, erm, but I have to keep that all hush-hush apparently [laughs]. I’ve been ordered by the rest of the band not to – but like erm, from next week on there might be stuff on the MySpace that may crop up. That’s my hint there [laughs].

Zach: Have you got any song titles you can tell us that’ll be on the record?
Nick: I do have one, which will be up next week, it’s called ‘That’s A Stylish Way To Hit The Ground’. It’s probably gonna be one of the first songs that’ll be on the album, but erm, we’re really happy with that. And it’s the first recorded song that we’ve done, so erm, we love it. I hope everyone else loves it too.

Zach: Is ‘Play Dead, Wear A Mask’ gonna be on the album, or is that just a single?
Nick: That’d be a secret [laughs], but erm, we’re considering re-doing it. With having a new drummer and all we’re just going for a different kind of sound aswell, so. But hopefully it should be on it.

Zach: You plan to bring out a single in December, any news you can share with us about that?
Nick: It’ll probably be before December now with everything that’s happened, it’s all happened – like all good things have happened so quickly. So, erm, it could be up within like the next few weeks, it’s – so I’d keep posted on that.

Zach: Is there an approximate release date for the album?
Nick: We do, erm, again that’ll be released probably in the next couple of weeks or so. We’re hoping early, so early 2009, so like February/March kind of time. We’ve just basically finished pre-production now, so it’s getting there.

Zach: Finally, are there anymore plans in the pipeline for the band?
Nick: Erm, 2009 we’re hoping is gonna be a big year. Trying to get label interest, and we’re gonna play in every town in England, that’s where we wanna be. We just wanna tour, play, get our word out, and tell everyone who I Left You For Summer are.

With that, DEAD PRESS! thank Nick for allowing us to do the interview in his university accomodation and for sparing some of his free time to chat with us. All that’s left to do is get back from Manchester, and home. With all that Nick‘s told us, it seems I Left You For Summer will be releasing their album sooner than expected, whether it’s worth any hype or not is yet to be seen.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: HORSE The Band @ Academy 2, Manchester (30/10/2009)

Date: October 30th, 2009
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

Download: None available
Stream: YouTube


HORSE The Band profile

The Taste Of Chaos annual tour has quickly become a smaller, more versatile version of the US Vans Warped Tour, but bordering across more than just one country. HORSE The Band are just one band on the bill during the UK leg of the festival tour, providing an original ‘nintendocore’ self-labelled genre and sound. Upon their tour bus Erik Engstrom and Nathan Winneke are reading magazines, with Erik reading out their latest review of a previous Taste Of Chaos show from an issue of Kerrang! magazine. After discussing their highly rated review, they begin their chat with DEAD PRESS!:


Zach: How’ve the Taste Of Chaos dates been going for you so far?
Erik: [laughs] Fun.
Nathan: And kinda boring. I’ve been sitting around a lot doing nothing.
Erik: Yeah, and it’s cold outside, so we just sit – well, we try to walk around the city and stuff, but I guess that’s not even the question. It’s like the biggest shows we’ve played in the UK, and the first time we’ve ever not headlined here, but they’re like four times smaller than what we were expecting.
Zach: Yeah.
Erik: And like the last week it’s been the same people at every single show.
Zach: Really?
Erik: Yeah, it’s just like this mob of like two hundred kids following the tour, so they’ve all seen us like six times already.
Zach: Probably got their own tour bus following you.
Erik: Yeah. I don’t even know what they’re doing, but like merch has gone like way down now ’cause it’s like the same kids at every show, and they already bought everything. It’s really weird. Every show keeps getting smaller and smaller.
Zach: No way.

Zach: What was your reaction like when you were asked to play these shows?
Erik: I don’t know if we were asked as much as our manager begged for us to be able to play them, and we were happy about it, like – ’cause like the last time we toured here our shows were horrible, but I guess that that’s kind of a trend right now worldwide, is that shows are getting smaller. I don’t know, so we were like “Cool. We can play big shows in the UK”.

Zach: How have you added your own ‘Taste Of Chaos’ for the crowds?
Erik: I think we might be the only band that doesn’t say the same thing every night, if you consider that chaotic [laughs]. But, I dunno, we can’t do what we normally would do ’cause this is like a real tour. It would probably not be looked at in the best light.
Nathan: Traditionally we just make fun of everybody and everything, but if you don’t – if you’re not best buddies with these other bands they’re not gonna think it was funny [laughs], and if you can’t make fun of the tour even if you don’t necessarily mean it just ’cause it’s funny ’cause – then they take offence ’cause – so we just have to be friendly chaps. But we would never do it maliciously, like we just toured with Heavy Heavy Low Low and gave them a sweet razzing night leave, but that’s a whole different scenario, that’s why it’s different for us. We have to behave ourselves.
Zach: Stay in a good light.
Erik: Yeah.

Zach: Where does the band name come from?
Erik: I think The Godfather originally, and like some weird obsession that we had with horses in high school, but I don’t really know. It was such a long time ago.

Zach: Were there any other band names in mind, and if so what were they?
Erik: There was Food.
Nathan: The Mexican Economy.
Erik: Oh yeah, The Mexican Economy, Pat Brown, I don’t know why.
Nathan: Let me just remind you they were all seventeen or sixteen at the time, or something.
Erik: I like Food, I kinda wish we named our band Food. “What’s your band called?” “Food” [laughs].
Nathan: We’d get so many jokes about being ‘delicious’, or ‘unappetising’, or – just now we’re ‘coming out of the stable, galloping’.

Zach: Are you happy with the way your latest album ‘A Natural Death’ turned out?
Erik: I guess.
Nathan: I’d say in reaction to ‘Pizza’, it probably ended being up a little more serious than we normally would be, but ‘Pizza’ was so silly, we had to balance the playing field unintentionally. But, I’d like to do some more high energy, colourful stuff in the future, but I think we actually expanded our musical ability which was nice [laughs].
Erik: I like the idea, and I like the production. I just wish that maybe we would have written a few more like songs that are fun to get into live, so next time I think we’ll do that.

Zach: Is there any band you haven’t toured with yet, but would like to?
Erik: Yeah…
Zach: [long pause] like?
Erik: [laughs] There’s so many. You can start.
Nathan: Madori. I just thought of that the other day.
Erik: We wanna tour with MUCC again. Erm, I wanna tour with At The Drive-In.
Nathan: Fuck yeah.
Erik: And Lily Allen.
Zach: That’d be pretty good.
Erik: Crystal Castles, Tegan And Sara, Maids Of State, and er, Alesana, and Escape The Fate, and er –
Nathan: Converge. He’s just kidding about those.
Erik: Converge, like.
Nathan: I think Converge would be great.

Zach: What does HORSE The Band’s diet usually consist of when on tour?
Nathan: We’re all fairly different.
Erik: Yeah, I could tell you like everything I’ve eaten in England probably. It’s either like, yeah like kebab, a curry, McDonalds, or some insane pub greasy thing.
Zach: Sounds like a healthy diet.
Erik: Yeah.
Nathan: I had a McDonalds this afternoon, it was the best McDonalds food I’d ever eaten. I don’t know why, it was just hot, and fresh, and melted in my mouth, and the flavours exploded inside of me.

Zach: How would you compare touring in the UK with touring back in the US?
Nathan: I have to wear jackets, er, there’s better beer at the venues, er, people stand around a lot more even for their favourite band which was kind of a surprise to me. People just like to chill, and drink beer. I think it’s all because they all have beers in their hands, you know, you can’t move around a lot when you’ve got a cup of beer in your hand. Not that I care.
Erik: We keep getting hit by cars a lot when we’re here, ’cause we look the wrong way when we try to cross the street. It’s scary.
Nathan: Everything here is tragically expensive for us.
Zach: Yeah, we have like the credit crunch and stuff.
Erik: Yeah, well we have that too, but it’s just your currency is worth double ours, so everything costs double.
Nathan: Nine out of ten people have a ring in their lip, or have something stapled to their lip. It’s kinda crazy.
Zach: I fit into that statistic then, don’t I? [laughs]
Nathan: I like it, I’m not complaining. I’m just saying it’s – it’s very, very popular here, and that was shocking to me.
Zach: Is it not as popular back in the states?
Nathan: No. It’s still there, it’s just not at the same level.
Erik: Normal people here dress way better than Americans do.
Nathan: That’s very true.
Erik: Normal Americans.
Zach: Would you consider yourselves normal Americans?
Erik: No [laughs].
Nathan: There’s like very few moustaches here aswell [laughs]. There’s some, but not so many. It’s kind of a surprise.
Zach: It’s not quite caught on.
Nathan: Or it already left the building I suppose [laughs].

Zach: Final question; what can we expect from HORSE The Band this time next year?
Nathan: Sex.
Zach: Sex?
Nathan: You’d be surprised on how legit that statement is [laughs].
Erik: Oh yeah, that’s true. That wasn’t a joke.
Nathan: I don’t know. We’re gonna tour more, write new songs we like even more. We’re gonna look really good.
Erik: Our goal is to start looking better [laughs]. I think it’s the only reason that we’re not more popular.
Zach: Because of the way you dress?
Erik: Yeah, just like, our whole image has to change [he picks up the issue of Kerrang! magazine he was reading earlier and points at a picture of Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes], like this guy.
Zach: Oh, like Oli Sykes?
Erik: Yeah.

With that the band thank DEAD PRESS! for their time and guide him out of the tour bus once more, down the stairs and through the automated door. Later that night they would prove, as Kerrang! also stated, to be one of the best performing bands on the bill that evening.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: The Ghost Of A Thousand @ Academy 1, Manchester (18/10/2009)

Date: October 18th, 2009
Venue: Academy 1, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

Download: None available
Stream: YouTube

Website: None available

The Ghost Of A Thousand profile

Alongside headliners Alexisonfire, Brighton based hardcore punk rockers The Ghost Of A Thousand are one of four bands shoved onto the Eastpak Antidote tour line-up. Vocalist Tom Lacey guides us upstairs on their tour bus to chat about the other bands on the bill, old bands they’ve supported, and their last studio album ‘New Hopes, New Demonstrations’.


For a review of the show which took place that night, click here!

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: Forever The Sickest Kids @ Club Academy, Manchester (19/09/2008)

Date: September 19th, 2008
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

Download: None available
Stream: YouTube

Website: None available

Forever The Sickest Kids profile

Once being led into the Club Academy venue by staff, DEAD PRESS! are told to wait a few minutes while the band’s tour manager sorts a few things out for tonight’s show. A few minutes later, he guides them backstage to their dressing room, where some members of Forever The Sickest Kids are currently in the middle of eating their afternoon lunch.


Zach: How’s the tour in the UK been going so far?
Austin: Marcus? [looks to see he is chewing] Oh, Marc‘s chewing. Kyle? [looks to see he is also chewing] Oh, Kyle‘s chewing. It’s been pretty good. We’ve only played two shows so far, and it’s a lot – whenever we came over here we heard the crowds were gonna be kinda timid and more shy and stuff, but they’ve been just as –
Kyle: It’s not true!
Austin: It’s not true at all. They are nuts, and we love it.

Zach: How’s the reception been so far for your debut album?
Austin: The reception?
Zach: Yeah.
Marc: It’s been good, I mean coming over to a place that you’ve never been and hearing kids scream the words is definitely an exciting thing.

Zach: Where did the band name come from?
Kyle: Well, that’s erm, the true story we like to keep a secret, but erm, overall we wanted a name that would like be different from everything else, and that’s something that kinda sparked curiosity and interest, you know, and erm, so when we thought of Forever The Sickest Kids, like it was so different from everything else that we just wanted the name itself to stand out and at the same time speak for our personalities.

Zach: You recorded a cover of ‘Men In Black’ for the ‘Punk Goes Crunk’ album. What made you choose that song?
Marc: We wanted – wanted the most crunk person, and the most crunk song; it happened to be Will Smith and ‘Men In Black’, so…
Austin: We didn’t have a choice really.
Zach: Cool. Would you say it’s better than the Will Smith version?
Austin: Probably –
Marc: No way! You can’t better than Will Smith, you know? He’s the best.
Austin: You can’t downgrade Will.
Kyle: Do you like Will Smith?
Zach: I do like Will Smith.
Austin: Are you a fan? Have you seen Men In Black?
Zach: I have seen Men In Black.
Austin: One and two?
Zach: Both of them.
Kyle: He has – he has like more number one songs in America. He’s like one of the best rappers.
Zach: His films aren’t bad too, like, have you seen Hancock?
Kyle: Yep, yep.
Marc: I Am Legend?
Zach: Good films.
Austin: It is good.
Kyle: Hancock rules.
Zach: Erm, if you could –
Marc: Oh quick, I’d like to add something.
Zach: Okay, cool.
Marc: Erm, Kyle cried when he saw – what is it? The movie with Will Smith that you cried in?
Kyle: I Am Legend?
Marc: No, no. The one before that with the little kid – with his kid.
Kyle: I Am Legend?
Zach: It doesn’t have a kid in I Am Legend, does it?
Marc: No, er –
Kyle: The one where his dog dies?
Marc: No, he cried in that movie –
Steph: The Happiness Of Pursuit – The Pursuit Of Happiness?
Marc: The Pursuit Of Happiness! Kyle cried in that.
Austin: He did, twice.
Marc: And, and he cried in, er, The Date Movie, right? Or was it one where he –
Austin: Hitch. Hitch.
Marc: Hitch.
Kyle: Hitch? I didn’t cry during Hitch.
Marc: Yeah, Kyle cried during Hitch.
Kyle: I didn’t cry during Hitch. I did cry during The Pursuit Of Happiness because doesn’t his – two people die, right?
Zach: I dunno, I’ve never seen it.
Kyle: His dad dies.
Austin: Yeah, but all of us know it’s just fake. It’s not real, so don’t cry.
Kyle: I get emotional, because erm, I dunno, I always put myself in Will Smith‘s shoes. That’s one reason.
Marc: What would Will do, you know?
Kyle: Yeah, yeah. Every night when we play, or whenever we get together and play ‘Men In Black’ as our band, I feel like Will Smith sometimes.
Marc: Yeah, I feel maybe like I’m Will Smith, and I look over and Austin is, erm – what’s his co-star’s name?
Kyle: Tommy Lee Jones.
Marc: Yeah, Tommy Lee Jones.

Zach: On that subject, what are your favourite films?
Austin: Ahh, have you ever heard of a movie called ‘About Bob’?
Zach: No.
Austin: No, me neither, but that’s my favourite film.
Marc: Super Troopers. It’s a classic.
Kyle: I like romantic comedies, but the best movie ever made is Transformers. That’s the best movie ever made.
Zach: I’ve not seen that.
Kyle: Excuse me? Hold on. [imitates becoming a Transformer]
Austin: Maybe not ever made, but…

Zach: If you can only eat one meal or food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Marc: Kebab.
Austin: Taco Bell. You don’t know about Taco Bell?
Zach: No, no, we don’t have them over here.
Kyle: Dude, I can’t even say that ’cause it’s gonna happen, and I want the food. I’d say pizza though. Pizza, pizza, pizza.

Zach: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2008?
Marc: Well, we’re doing this tour to finish up, then we go back into the states to tour with Cobra Starship. We’ll be releasing ‘She’s A Lady’.
Austin: The new single.
Marc: New single, ‘She’s A Lady’, and… you’ll be expecting lots of gifts for Christmas.
Austin: In the mail, from FTSK. FTSK Santa is coming.

Zach: Erm, that’s about it. Is there anything you wanna say to your fans?
Kyle: Oh, absolutely. Erm, erm, hello Kent. I love Bobby.
Austin: Give us an I love Bobby shirt.
Kyle: G’day mate.
Marc: That’s Australian.
Austin: Oh shoot. G’day mate.
Kyle: Er, everyone thanks for buying our album if you bought it. If you haven’t bought it, go check it out on iTunes, erm, it’s awesome. It has bonus tracks and all that snazz, erm.
Austin: Hey, do you think maybe we can keep talking ’til his battery dies?
Kyle: Maybe.
Marc: Go to HMV.
Kyle: Go to HMV.
Marc: The bonus tracks are there.
Kyle: Yeah, the bonus tracks are there. Erm, check us out. Go to our MySpace and add us as a friend, erm.
Marc: Send us some messages or comments.
Kyle: Send us some messages or comments.
Marc: Listen to the songs on MySpace, and see if you like it.
Kyle: Erm, print out pictures you see of us on the Internet.
Austin: And put them up.
Kyle: Yeah, blow them up, magnify them, and put them on your bedroom walls.
Austin: Fly to the US and come to all our shows.
Kyle: Yep, fly to the US. We will put you on the guestlist, for any show you want, and… that’s it.

And with that, the band bid their goodbyes to Zach and Steph before clapping persistently until they had both left the room. However, even after this, the band could still be heard clapping once the door was closed and DEAD PRESS! began to leave. A bizarre, Will Smith obsessed, yet fun band to say the least.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: Enter Shikari @ University, Keele (05/10/2008)

Date: October 5th, 2008
Venue: University, Keele, UK
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

Download: None available
Stream: YouTube


Enter Shikari profile

The Taste Of Chaos annual tour has quickly become a smaller, more versatile version of the US Vans Warped Tour, but bordering across more than just one country. As I Lay Dying are just one band on the bill during the UK leg of the festival tour, providing a traditional yet intense metalcore sound. After being guided to the band’s backstage dressing room, filled to the brim with members and crew from some other bands featured on the tour, DEAD PRESS! and guitarist Phil Sgorro are led to an outside corridor, away from the loud occupied room:


The band’s tour manager (who also happens to be Rou Reynold‘s father) meets with DEAD PRESS! outside the Student Union shop of the venue before leading them upstairs to the band’s dressing room. Bassist Chris introduces himself, and kindly offers the journalists a drink or some food from their table. Guitarist Rory spends a minute or two choosing what he wants from the nearby take-away before sitting down and taking part in the interview.

Zach: How’s the tour been going so far?
Chris: Good, good. We had a – erm, warm-up show in Cambridge, which was a little ropey.
Rory: In, er, London do you mean?
Chris: Yeah sorry, Camden, Camden. Erm, yeah which was very ropey, but it was only a small show at the Camden Underworld, so it was kinda – it was hard to play a tight set ’cause everyone was – the audience were running onstage and just diving off, and like trampling all over our pedal boards and stuff, so a lot of stuff went wrong. But then we got into Cambridge, and the first proper show of the tour, and it’s all been going pretty smoothly since then really.
Rory: Touch wood.
Chris: Yeah, touch wood. We are due a massive, massive fuck up. Maybe tonight.
Zach: Maybe. [laughs]
Chris: Yeah, we’ll see.

Zach: Do you prefer to play small venues or music festivals?
Chris: Erm, I dunno. Festivals are so different to like normal shows during this like –
Rory: They’ve both got their good points and their bad points like, the small gigs like you’re right next to the fans so there’s a lot more like crowd surfing and fan interaction and stuff like that, and you get a buzz in that kinda way. But then big festivals you get the kinda playing in front of several thousands of people, like that kinda buzz. It’s different, you know. It’s good to do both really.
Chris: I think what it is the smaller shows have a bit more of a like, a nostalgia you know, ’cause like it’s – it’s very much like where we came from and what we always used to do, but – well, for years before we got any real recognition sort of thing, so it’s always – always when we get the chance to do those smaller shows it’s always like a trip down memory lane sort of thing.

Zach: You’ve got a new single coming out, ‘We Can Breathe In Space, They Just Don’t Want Us To Escape’, what made you want to re-record the song?
Chris: Erm, well we never really released it, I mean like people have been getting a hold of it through like P2P sites but, erm, and we kind of thought it was you know – we didn’t really wanna just let it fizzle out you know, just ’cause of the fact that people can download it, and that was just a demo we recorded in my garage, like years and years ago, so we wanted to get – I dunno, it’s a good way to test out with working with a new producer, erm, in terms of thinking for the album, and yeah, it just came out really well and, I guess there’s nothing holding bands back from releasing random singles, or just whenever they write it just chucking it out there these days. It doesn’t have to be a part of a campaign or anything.
Rory: Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of complaints from people you know, saying “The old version is much better, why’d you re-record it?” and stuff like that. I mean, I mean we didn’t mainly re-record it for like the fans that we’ve already got, you know, we re-recorded for people who haven’t been on to LimeWire and downloaded everything that has Enter Shikari written next to it. Erm, just ’cause you know, we thought it was a great song and we just wanted like more people to hear it, you know. There’s absolutely no way we could’ve released that old version. I mean like it was pretty rubbish in a lot of ways, in production ways, and like a lot of vocals were like – needed redoing and stuff.
Chris: I mean we completely rewrote it, and like that’s what people don’t understand. The fact that it was just a demo, you know, it wasn’t even meant to be online at all or anything like that, it was just done three or four years ago, and we just put it up for people to listen to see what they thought when we were just going around touring, and it’s – people seem to think that it was a proper release you know just ’cause it’s on LimeWire and stuff, so. People complain at us for re-releasing stuff. Well, they say re-releasing but it’s not even re-releasing, we never really released it, you know. Essentially it’s just a new song.

Zach: In the music video you dressed in tin foil spacesuits, how did the shoot go?
Chris: Sweaty. [laughs]
Rory: Yeah, it was quite an ordeal. By the end of it – well I mean, Rob was alright ’cause Rob had like a fan blowing up his suit clearing all the air, and he wasn’t even sweating. For the rest of us it was just like absolutely horrendous, like –
Chris: Yeah, once we got in the suits, it took so long to get us all taped up and everything, and all the gaps covered with foil and stuff that once we did it we had to just do, I dunno, about ten takes straight through and it was ugh – that was the worst bit.
Rory: It was worst like actually getting – ’cause in the end there was only two people like doing the suits, so – I can’t remember who went first, it was either me or you I think, and then – but it takes about like 15-20 minutes to kind of actually get, you know, properly foiled up and everything. As soon as you’re actually foiled up you start sweating, so it’s just like, so.
Chris: You’ve gotta wait like two hours before everyone else is done afterwards aswell, and then you go down there and run through and stuff. By this time you’re already steamed up in your masks, you know, so.
Rory: And then you’re in the suit for like four hours or something like that.
Chris: We spent the whole day before aswell foiling everything up which took quite a while. It was fun. It was worth doing it. It’s the kind of thing like at the time we were just absolutely sick of the idea, you know, but looking back at it now it’s kinda like we’re glad we went through with it.
Rory: Yeah. Well, even at the time it was pretty hilarious.
Chris: [laughs] Yeah. It was.
Rory: Actually doing the takes and stuff you know, trying to pretend to play in the suits.
Chris: Yeah. We got some great footage from, erm – we’re just bringing out like a ‘The Making Of…’ video, and like in that – like ’cause the real video’s got so many effects on and stuff, and it’s like you can’t really see how tongue-in-cheek it was, but in ‘The Making Of…’ you can just see how ridiculous it all looked, and how funny it was. It was a good day.
[frontman Rou Reynolds walks into the dressing room]

Zach: Is there anymore news you can tell us about the album? Like a release date, or album title?
Chris: We’ve got neither really. We’ve got – we aim, I mean like we go into the studio after this tour to record it, so I mean it all depends on how quickly we can do it. We’ve set aside like five weeks, erm, as an original timeline I guess to get it all done, and then we’ll get into mixing, so we’re hoping to release March/April time next year kind of, but yeah, no we’ve got no name yet. I guess we kinda wanna wait and see how it’s sounding and how it’s feeling before we decide on a name.

Zach: If you could tour with any band, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Rory: Erm, I guess it would be – it would be cool to see and tour with At The Drive-In, just ’cause every time you tour with a band that you ever see you’re influenced by them like performance-wise, music-wise, and stuff like that. To be able to see such an incredibly amazing live band every night would be pretty inspirational.
Chris: Hmm… yeah, At The Drive-In, I wished I’d seen them before they split up. Yeah, At The Drive-In would be pretty cool.

Zach: If you weren’t in the band, what would you be doing right now instead?
Chris: Woolworths. I used to work in Woolworths. I dunno, well, we all quit uni to come and to pursue the band once we signed our publishing deal, so we’d pretty much be doing nothing, yeah. I don’t really have many skills.
Rory: I had a – I had a pretty nice job actually in Dollond & Aitchison, the opticians. Sat making glasses and attaching the lenses. So that was really fun.
Chris: Still be doing that?
Rory: Yeah. Probably be onto contact lenses by now.
Chris: Yeah, basically we’d probably not be doing much with ourselves, I’m sure.
Rory: Well, we’d probably all be alcoholics by now.

Zach: You played the Projekt Revolution show earlier this year, how did you find that?
Chris: That was wicked. That one of er – that was probably our biggest, yeah it was our biggest gig to date, in terms of people you know. I remember being really paranoid before ’cause I kinda lost my voice just before the show, and I was really panicking. But I went out, and it was okay in the end. It was good fun. We didn’t really get to – we didn’t really meet Jay-Z or anything, which was a bit of a shame.
Zach: Oh well.
Chris: But yeah, it was fun.

Zach: Last question, what can we expect from you guys this time next year?
Chris: Where are we? What month is it? October?
Rory: Everyone will probably be really, really bored of hearing the new album.
Chris: Yeah.
Rory: Because we’ll have just toured the fuck out of it, and –
Chris: Well we wanted to get back in the studio again, to re-record new stuff.
Rory: Yeah, we want – I mean, next year the plan is just to travel, and tour around.
Chris: I think we’re gonna dedicate a lot of – a fair bit of time this year and next year to going to the States, China. Work it over there a bit, try and build it up – build it up over there. And yeah, and stuff like, I guess Japan and Australia and stuff. We wanna get out there again, ’cause we’ve only just started over there really, we’ve got a lot of conquering to do.

And with that, the members bid DEAD PRESS! goodbye, but not before offering them drink or food again. They ensure the journalists know their way back from where they came, and await for their recently ordered take-away meals before taking to the stage that night.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: The Devil Wears Prada @ Academy 1, Manchester (12/10/2009)

Date: October 12th, 2009
Venue: Academy 1, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

Download: None available
Stream: YouTube


The Devil Wears Prada profile

Only being their second visit to the UK and supporting a band not even half as heavy as them, The Devil Wears Prada have caused quite a buzz on the British shores with the three albums under their belts. After inviting DEAD PRESS! onto their tour bus and offering a can of Monster energy drink, drummer Daniel Williams talks about the group’s forthcoming plans, and their latest studio album ‘With Roots Above And Branches Below’.


For a review of the show which took place that night, click here!

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: The Devil Wears Prada @ Academy 3, Manchester (10/06/2008)

Date: June 10th, 2008
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

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The Devil Wears Prada profile

After meeting up with the band’s lead vocalist Mike Hranica outside their tour bus, who guides Zach and Paul inside the tour bus to sit down, and have a little chat with DEAD PRESS! about Download Festival, a new music video, and the band wanting to play in Hawaii.


Zach: You’ve got the Download Festival coming up this week. Are you excited?
Mike: Yeah. We’re stoked to do it and to play it, and hopefully a large turn-out. We’re a little bit worried that some of the more mainstream metal heads will not take us so well, but we’re excited to play for sure.
Zach: And like Kiss are playing aren’t they? So…
Mike: Yeah.

Zach: How did the shows go in Australia?
Mike: Pretty good. There were some that were a little bit more dead than others. It was our first time we’ve ever played 18 and up shows and it was different for us, but it was a good time. It was awesome to be able to experience the country and everything, so hopefully get back there within a year or two.

Zach: Did your cover of ‘Still Fly’ come out as expected?
Mike: Yeah, it was. Well we recorded it, so… but yeah. We’re happy with how it turned out and everything, and er, yeah. Hopefully play it on Warped Tour this year. Just trying to practice it and get it down tight right now.

Zach: Did you have another covers in mind when you went into the studio?
Mike: Actually we had a really hard time trying to pick out what song we wanted to do, because with – a secular band can just pick out whatever they want and everything, but it was difficult for us because we didn’t want anything with a ton of swearing and drugs and sex and stuff. So, we had to pick something that fit us well, and we actually had another one, we had the ‘Party Like A Rock Star’ song in mind, and then I was like “No, we can’t do this”, and my girlfriend came up with the idea to do ‘Still Fly’, and we were all like really excited about it. So, ‘Still Fly’ it was.

Zach: If you weren’t in the band, what would you be doing?
Mike: I dunno, maybe something in literature? Something in college, I’m sure I would have gotten – been in college by now, but, I’ve no idea what I want to do.
Zach: There’s still time.

Zach: What’s your favourite The Devil Wears Prada song?
Mike: I really don’t have any. They’re all – after playing them so many times it gets a little bit boring, so. I’d say ‘Don’t Dink And Drance’ is one of my – there are definitely songs that I dislike much more than other songs, but then there are er, I don’t really prefer to play any ’cause they’re all kinda bland to me.

Zach: If Madonna came up to you, and asked you to feature in one of her songs, what would you say?
Mike: To – to what in one of her songs?
Zach: To feature in one of her songs.
Mike: Oh, I dunno. I don’t know what I’d want to do. If she told me what I was supposed to do then I’d er, I dunno, maybe give it a go.
Zach: And be on Top Of The Pops or something like that.

Zach: If you had the ability to fly for a day, where would you go and what would you do?
Mike: I dunno. I’d like to take my girlfriend down on a nice vacation somewhere, I’m sure. I’ve no idea where I’d wanna go, like I said Australia was awesome, but maybe somewhere different. Maybe somewhere down in the Caribbean, as cliché as that is, but I dunno, somewhere nice and warm for vacation. As far as like the band, we want to play Hawaii. If we did play Hawaii then probably no one would come or anything, but our goal is to play Hawaii.

Zach: You’ve recently shot a video for ‘HTML Rulez d00d’, how was that?
Mike: It was awesome! We have a couple of rough edits we’ve seen and not the final one, the final one isn’t done just yet, but we’re really excited with how it turned out, and it was fun to make it. It was like – I’m not a – the ‘Hey John…’ video’s okay, but I wasn’t really into it, it sucked making that one, and this one it sucked making too ’cause you play the same song over and over and everything, but this one was more fun to make, and had some more friends with us and everything. I dunno, it was just a lot of fun, and from the edits we’ve seen it looks to be a lot better. I definitely approve of this one more than the others, so it should be good.
Zach: I’m sure the fans will like it.
Mike: What was that?
Zach: I’m sure the fans will like it.
Mike: Probably, I guess.

Zach: When coming up with the band name, did you have any other names in mind?
Mike: I dunno. I was actually just friends with Dan, and kinda Chris. The original three members were James, Chris, and Dan, and they named the band before I joined, and then Jeremy and Andy joined, and I know they were throwing out a bunch of stupid names. They didn’t know what they wanted to call it, but, I can’t think of anything particular right now.

Zach: Tell us one thing your fans wouldn’t expect about yourself.
Mike: Hmm… I don’t know… everything about me is pretty predictable. I think the problem is that all my fans expect more out of me than there actually is, but I don’t know. That’s a tough question, I’ve never had that one before. I don’t know how to answer it.

Zach: If you could describe The Devil Wears Prada in one word, what would that word be?
Mike: I’m gonna go with a ‘booyah’, ’cause that sums up the more serious impact of our music, and the silly side of it well aswell. So, I’m gonna go with ‘booyah’.
Zach: I like the contrast.
Mike: Yeah, yeah.

Zach: What’ve you got planned for the rest of 2008?
Mike: Warped Tour once – as soon as we get home we’ll get going, and then maybe – we wanna write, I’m not sure when we’re going to, or when we’re going to record or anything ’cause er, we have some smaller shows and out of country shows booked after Warped Tour just like for weekends and stuff, so we’ll probably just be playing some random festivals and what not, and then let’s see… I dunno, other than that maybe another big tour. We’re putting our name in for hopefully a big tour like we did earlier this year with Silverstein. Hopefully try to do something like that, a direct support spot or something like that, and then other than that I dunno, hopefully just write, what we’re trying to get ourselves to do. We’re also gonna try and spend a lot of time off at home with family, and girlfriends, and stuff, so.
Zach: Take a break.
Mike: Yeah, for sure.

As kindly as he led them inside the bus, Mike leads DEAD PRESS! back out again once the interview was over, and to prepare for the show they were to play later that evening.

Written by Zach Redrup

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INTERVIEW: Brokencyde @ Club Academy, Manchester (13/04/2010)

Date: April 13th, 2010
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Interviewers: Zach Redrup & Paul Smith

Download: None available
Stream: YouTube

Website: None available

Often attacked with many hostile comments and reviews, New Mexico’s Brokencyde are currently one of the most victimised and disapproved groups in the alternative music scene today, yet they’re still managing to develop an ever growing fanbase. On their co-headlining tour with Jeffree Star we decided to catch-up with MikL to talk about how they feel about such negativity towards them and their music, how things began, and what’s coming in the future:

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