INTERVIEW: I The Mighty (06/12/2017)

It’s been a damn good year for California’s I The Mighty. Alongside releasing their fourth full-length studio album, ‘Where The Mind Wants To Go / Where You Let It Go’, they’ve been spending a fair bit of time in the UK as well, with their first appearance at Download Festival, and a sold out show at London’s Barfly now under their belt.

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INTERVIEW: Sinsaenum (14/11/2017)

With a huge list of names from the world of heavy metal, Sinsaenum have quite the reputation to uphold with their EP ‘Ashes’ that features band creator and Dragonforce bassist Frédéric Leclercq, ex-Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison plus past and present members of Chimaira and Mayhem. The extreme metal project is angrier and darker than ever before and a chance to see some renowned and critically acclaimed musicians working together on the atmospheric yet ferocious band.

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INTERVIEW: Polaris (23/11/2017)

Having released their debut album ‘The Mortal Coil’ and also performed across the full length of this year’s Impericon Never Say Die! Tour this month, Syndey based metalcore outfit Polaris have been incredibly busy lately to say the very least.

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INTERVIEW: Emmure (06/11/2017)

You’d be hard pressed to name bands who’ve faced an almost complete exile of members and leaving just one member to rebuild and continue on successfully, but one that you can reel off is Emmure. Back at the end of 2015, vocalist Frankie Palmeri saw all of his now former bandmates step down, leaving him to pick up the pieces.

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INTERVIEW: Envy On The Coast (09/11/2017)

After a six year hiatus, alternative rock duo Envy On The Coast returned to the fold in 2016 and have put out their first material since ‘Lowcountry’ in the form of the soulful ‘Ritual’. Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne have teamed up once again to deliver their new EP full of everything from delicate and melodic moments to angry and aggressive heights. We grabbed the guys for a chat about what they have been up to, the sound of ‘Ritual’ and what they think of their classic album ‘Lucy Gray’ 10 years after the release.

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INTERVIEW: The Movielife (23/10/2017)

Long Island emo punk heroes The Movielife triumphantly returned in 2014 and have slotted right back into their rightful place. Having toured and played festivals worldwide, the punk rockers are back with their first record in 14 years with ‘Cities In Search Of A Heart’ and we managed to grab a word with lead singer and songwriter Vinnie Caruana about getting the band back together, releasing the record and the differences between then and now.

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INTERVIEW: We Came As Romans (18/10/2017)

Michigan metalcore mob We Came As Romans are celebrating their milestone fifth record with the release of ‘Cold Like War’ and cementing their place as an elite band in their genre. The band have left their ever present home of Equal Vision for a new adventure at SharpTone Records and are sounding fresh yet brutal with a record about turmoil and struggles that follows on from previous conflict the band had with their self-titled album in 2015.

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INTERVIEW: Thy Art Is Murder (06/10/2017)

Earlier this year, Australian deathcore outfit Thy Art Is Murder returned to the fold with a ferocious punch in the form of their fourth record, ‘Dear Desolation’, and with it, they helped to maintain their formidable reputation in the scene that they reside.

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INTERVIEW: New Found Glory (20/09/2017)

Pop-punk mainstays New Found Glory have been around for twenty years. That’s right, twenty years. Let that sink in for a second. Twenty years. They’re a band that have influenced almost every angst-filled teenager that are now in their mid to late 20s, and even now nine records deep following the release of ‘Makes Me Sick’ earlier this year, they’re still sparking inspiration for many both in and outside of their genre.

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INTERVIEW: The All-American Rejects (16/08/2017)

Multi-platinum selling rockers The All-American Rejects are back with two brand new tracks and an innovative short film that combines the two songs together. ‘Sweat’ and ‘Close Your Eyes’ are connected through the video that tackles dealing with one’s identity for a powerful and moving method of showcasing music. We caught up with guitarist Mike Kennerty to talk about the new material, and how there are no longer boundaries or rules on how music is visually delivered to fans.

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