INTERVIEW: Goldfinger (20/07/2017)

Ska punk pioneers and mainstays Goldfinger have just released a belter of an album after eight long years away whilst frontman John Feldmann was busy producing some of the biggest albums in the rock scene, for bands such as Biffy Clyro, Blink-182, and 5 Seconds Of Summer, to name but a few.

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INTERVIEW: Authority Zero (12/07/2017)

Arizona skate punks Authority Zero have thrown in all kinds of influences into their music for the last couple of decades including Spanish/Portuguese reggae and ska, which all focuses around the fast-paced vocals of their brilliant frontman Jason Devore. The Mesa band are back with their sixth record ‘Broadcasting To The Nations’ that maintains their excellent consistency so we caught up with Jason to chat about ska and how the record turned out.

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INTERVIEW: Holding Absence (30/06/2017)

It goes without saying that the past 12 months have been super hectic for Welsh up-and-comers, Holding Absence. With just three songs to their name, the band seem to be relentlessly on the road and touring every corner and crevice of the UK, and very recently also performed at Download Festival.

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INTERVIEW: Casey (11/06/2017)

Since their inception back in 2014, the rise of Welsh melodic hardcore troupe Casey has been quite staggering and exceptional. In the space of those three years, the band have managed to self-release two short EPs, their debut full-length ‘Love Is Not Enough’ last year, and have recently been nominated for Best Breakthrough Band for the Heavy Music Awards.

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INTERVIEW: Bullet Height (18/05/2017)

Electronic melodic rock duo Bullet Height have been making quite the name for themselves in the Berlin underground scene and they’re ready to introduce their brand of dark, gothic rock to the rest of the world with their debut record ‘No Atonement’. Sammi Doll and Jon Courtney combine together to echo the likes of Depeche Mode and Petshop Boys with an LA twist. The pair filled us in with the history of the band, how they met and how they ended up in Germany.

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INTERVIEW: Dreamcar (08/05/2017)

Take three parts No Doubt, add a pinch of AFI, throw into an 80s mixer and you’re looking at the brand new project of DreamCar. Adrian Young, Tom Dumont and Tony Kanal have teamed up with Davey Havok to bring us a new wave, alternative rock supergroup that touches on new ground for all members. We caught up with Adrian for a quick chat about the origins of the band and what their plans are.

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INTERVIEW: Car Bomb (24/04/2017)

At the beginning of the year, the name Car Bomb probably wouldn’t have meant much to you but the Long Island tech metal act have started to delve into the UK market and are causing quite the noisey stir. We caught up with bassist Jon Modell to chat about their recent UK tour with Gojira and Code Orange, the impact of their latest record ‘Meta’ and what has changed since the 2010 documentary ‘Why You Do This’ followed the band on tour.

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INTERVIEW: Crossfaith (15/04/2017)

Depending on where you are in the UK, Japan is approximately 5,700 miles away. If we’re going to be a bit more exact here, Manchester – where Crossfaith are tonight to support Bury Tomorrow – is approximately 5,837 miles away from the band’s hometown of Osaka. Yet, with constant touring on UK shores over the past few years, the metalcore and EDM splicing outfit prove how strong of a universal language music is.

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INTERVIEW: Holding Absence (07/05/2017)

With just two singles to their name, ‘Permanent’ and ‘Dream Of Me’, it’s incredible that Holding Absence have managed to secure a place as one of the freshest faces on the SharpTone Records roster. Indeed, after a few member changes, and a bit of a reinvention of themselves, the Welsh outfit seem to be one of the more talked about underground post-hardcore bands of the UK right now.

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INTERVIEW: Bury Tomorrow (15/04/2017)

It’s undeniable that certain pockets of the metal and heavy music community are subject to a horde of elitist fans, unhappy with any band that even slightly sits outside the borders of what they feel should be classified as “real metal”. Such criticisms and attacks seem to draw towards some bands more than others, and it’d be ignorant to say that Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow haven’t been subject to such pig-headed viewpoints from the metal community throughout their now over decade long career.

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